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Update on me getting shorted 2.7 on a half (read first post)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by BONGZILLA420, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. So this kid did this shit on purpose. When I asked him what was happening with my money or more herbski he said "What are you gonna do about it?". I'm not a man of violence but that is because I had to do four years of anger management during high school. Why you ask? I was walking down the hall and this kid shot me in the eye with a rubberband. I call him a dumb motherfucker then proceded to break his nose with a right power punch. I then slammed his gace against the push bar of a door which broke his jaw in two places. A teacher tried to grab me from behind and I elbowed him in the face before three security guys tackled me. I've tried not to be violent but this kid crossed the line. In about a month I'm gonna smash his windshield on his car then when he comes out to check his alarm I'm going to beat the fuck out of him with the bat I used on his windshield.
  2. 2.7 Grams is alot to get shorted I would be pretty pissed too... the fact that he is being a dick about it sucks...

    It sounds like you have your mind made up on what your gona do about it so rather than saying violence doesnt solve anything blah blah blah, ill just say Good luck!

    Getting hit with a bat sucks so be gental :D
  3. hah nice fuck him up
  4. damn man sounds like you fucked him over pretty good maybe that will show the fucker not to short ppl on weed anymore
  5. if i was you i would wait till i know hes got chronic, or call him up and be like i wanna pick up a quap and then go with some of your friends and just slam dance on his fucking face and bounce with that sweetness.
  6. Why wait a month, may I ask?
  7. Haven't you ever heard that revenge is a dish best served cold.
  8. Sounds like som heavy shit. I know if i went yo my dealer with a bat he would shoot my ass. I shorted a kid a whole half told him that i would get it just need his money so i took his 100 bucs and never gave it back i did this only casue he was fuckin around with my sister and me being italian well it was my duty. He came to my house with his friends about 4 of them and me and my cousin jacked his ass up. Got in trouble with my mom casue i left them on my front lawn
  9. a month is ill but forreal dont hit him with the bat haha

    if you want to fuck up his whip do it but dont let him know you did it, the dish is best served cold and untraceable

    you don't need any stupid drama over 2.7 grams
  10. It's not just that I got ganked 207 it's that I've never NEVER been shorted in my life.I've always made sure my shit was straight but the one time I don't have a scale it happens to me. This fucker has to pay.:mad:
  11. make him pay man, a winshield is like 600$+...slash a few tires, there goes a stack.
  12. All the power to you, you asked nicely he was a dick about its your turn :D
  13. ^^^ seriously, or beat him for his drugs like the previous man had said, make sure you get somethin out of it.
  14. I did try to be nice and now he's going to get fucked up. I have alot of pent up shit and I'm going to unleash it when I beat his ass. I will follow up with a story in a month and if it so happens will provide news footage, police reports, and court documents.
  15. dont wait a month man, do it asap, i cant wait to see whats gonna happen, just tell him you wanna squash beef or somethin, take him on a blunt ride, get out to show him something (make up somethin, like a plant you found) beat his ass and leave him in the woods, and steal his green. oh and good luck, try to avoid a felony.
  16. I say go for it man, if I still lived in chicago, I'd have your back
  17. SWEET, Another reason the government wont legalize marijuana, just what I have been waiting for...:rolleyes:

    dont mess him up, what if when you do it, one of his boys sees you, you could be fucked. just call him everyday, more than once. do everything you can to remind him that he shorted you. take business away from him. JUST DONT GIVE MJ MORE OF A BAD REP. if you persist he will probably give in. if he doesnt, its 2.7 grams, let it slide. im sure your life wont drastically change if you dont get it. jailtime would probably be a lot worse than you being out like 35 bucks. what goes around comes around.
  18. Yo you can avoid felonies if you roll smooth. Try to catch him at night, where noone is around put a mask on and beat his fucking ass. It would be nice to have a ride waiting for quick getaway, but if noone sees you its all good. Be smart about it :cool:
  19. yea i woukldnt use a baseball bat, and i wouldnt do shit to his car, in the end, ull get fucked over, cause ull b paying for his med bills and his car.

    fuckin government.
  20. heavy shit man, but i'd say slashing his tires is good enough. if he ripped you off bad, then i'd say go ahead and fuck him and his car up, but it's only fucking 2.7 grams man...

    if his car isn't in a garage, drive up at midnight and slash them bitches then get out.

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