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  1. This is just an update it was like in August since my last post about how to set up my room but it up and fully functional and the plants are super healthy and thriving. Just let me know if anybody has any suggestions, comments and props haha. From left to right its lemon skunk, great white shark and cheese (all greenhouse seeds) the single pics are the same plants same order (see above)

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  2. looks nice, happy plants.  Whats the other specs,,,, light,soil,,,,bla ,bla,bla?
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    Yea what he said^ they look great. Keep it up  :metal:
  4. The skunk is 31", gws is 23 1/2 and the cheese is 16 inches, under a 400w air cooled hps/mh light. I'm using subcools soil recipe in 7g nursery pots and they're on 18/6 schedule. Oh today is day 51, using a 435 cfm exhaust fan in a 4x5 closet

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