Update On First Grow !

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by The_AJ_System, May 10, 2010.

  1. Hellllllllo everyone!
    This is my offical monthly update of my baby!
    Shes 5 weeks old now!


    Im growing her in Miracle Gro: Organic Choice, Soil.
    Shes in a 9-4 inch Planter which is a 9.4in in dia x 7.25 in H.
    Im using a hanging 75wt bulb about 3 inches from her top.

    I have used no plant food.
    No special lighting.

    And shes been in only 2 pots since her seedling!


    Her scent is SO strong, ventilation may be sooner than expected! :hello:
  2. Did you say that you are using a regular light bulb??? That may explain the streching. I would atleast use a CFL bulb. just my .02
  3. You will definetely want to get more light on that. If you can't afford Metal Halides or High Pressure Sodiums, you should definetely invest in CFL's. They should be full spectrum bulbs too. Also, you might want a small 6" oscillating fan blowing on that plant, it will help to strengthen the stem and make the plant more healthy. Very nice grow for using one hanging bulb and miracle grow though!
  4. giving me hope! if that cute lil (girl hopefully) can be grown with miracle organic and a hanging bulb then i might have some luck with my first grow :) good luck!

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