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  1. So out of my 12 plants, I got a little too lucky and ended up with 9 females!
    7 weeks in (late LED + nutrient intro slowed the beginning a bit)
    Unknown strains
    1 x 300w LED 40" up,
    The plants are spread across 30" x 30"
    Tallest plant is 20" tall
    5-7-5 fish based liquid nutes for the past two weeks
    Just started 12/12 as they're mostly pre-flowered, however there are three that have stayed shorter than the rest.

    Please note I'm growing as an amateur with a very small budget. Plants are plants and if I get an ounce from each plant, or anything at all, I'll be ecstatic. However if there are small things I can do to improve the growth, I am all ears!

    One big problem I see arising is not having enough space for all 9 adult plants... I didn't anticipate 9/12 to be female. Should I consider selling three to give the rest some more room? Should I keep them all in case some of them end up having problems down the road? Does a higher quantity of smaller plants equal to about the same as bigger, fewer plants?

    PS last photo is a color difference I noticed just today as they "woke up"

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  2. They look a little over heated and possibly too much nitrogen. They are very "stretchy" as they say meaning that the stem space between nodes is wide. That is usually from too much light distance but they look like they've been getting hot so I don't know if you can lower the light. You may need to improve the air circulation.
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  3. Yes very stretchy.. and it looks like new growth not pre flowering man..

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