Update on droopy leaves

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Drew madson, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. Spruced back up a lot was getting scared for a second also did some trimming at the bottom and moved some branches around so new growth would get better light. Its slowly picking back up I think I'm back in the clear for now.

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  2. I think you are overwatering or underwatering, your roots also need to get some air

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  3. If it means anything that plant has minor nitrogen toxicity and possible overwatering
  4. I go by the if pot is light water it method and the two finger method
  5. With big pots you cant use the fingers method, also watering if pot is light is relative, maybe dont water as much and see what happens, are you using any nutes?

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  6. Leave it a day more than you think, you'll know if it's underwatered and it barely matters to the plant
  7. Posting more pics so you guys can maybe see more and give more advice

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  8. So underwater I is essentially better than over watering and yeah I was using nutes then I stopped and went to straight water. Also drilled some holes for more breathing and drainage and I have perilite in for drainage as well. Idk I perched up the pot on top of something so when I do water it can just all drip out through the bottom and not just sit at the bottom
  9. And another thing I had a struggle with this plant at first it acted like it didnt want to do anything then all of the sudden it took off and the inside growth was slow on it and is now coming in good now very noticeable everyday
  10. That's just how plants are, they're slow to start and before you know it they're huge. I just had my first soil grow and I was overwatering and feeding too much and it looked very similar to yours. I'll see if I can dig up a picture. It looks very healthy otherwise, I see no burns or signs of deficiency just carry on sorting that stuff out and it should perk right up

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  11. What lights are you using?

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  12. Whats your lighting situation? I have a strain I have never grown before they are slightly bigger but for a couple weeks they hung simular to yours I knew i wasnt over/under watering its all organic water only soil etc. Was using the scope on the leaves searching for bugs since in my experience droopy leaves can be caused from some type of envasion, then one day i was doing their daily check and they were perked up, it was then I realized i had forgotten to lower the 8 tube t5s to within a few inch like i normally run them the last time i checked them (24hr earlier) I have never in many years had a strain that didnt appreciate the added intensity of keeping the florescents close.. you can use a scale to weigh your pots (dry then wet) it really helps you learn the "lift the pot trick" before watering, one other aid is purchase a digital soil meter that shows soil moisture levels they are cheap and will completely eliminate over/under watering as a cause... normally usy my two cents
  13. Two 300 watt Cfl light bulbs.cheap for now until I pay bills then I'm going after an led grow light
  15. Thank you for the advice guys im headed to home depot anyways for more pots got some sour d seeds from my home yesterday. :)
  16. Also since its summer and heat can be an issue whats the temps in your grow room? My indoor girls do not like any heat above 85deg F funny thing same clones outside are loving the 80s low 90s just drinking like sailors...
  18. Um 82 to 86 I'm trying to drop it down by leaving a bit of the tent open I got one fan going and I just put a humidifier in there to hopefully beef up humidity because its been low

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