Update on Bruce Banner and Purple Punch S1 Also Need some Advice

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  1. Its not a pretty solution, but you can always use some twine, or coated garden or baling wire to secure the snapping / bending branches to your side or ceiling poles, just be careful not to let any twine or flammable strings too close to the light.

    Alternatively, take a ratchet strap, bungee cord or just string, and make an H. tie a short length between 2 sets of tent poles, then get a 3rd piece of string to span across the center of the tent like so

    That center string, needs to be high enough to tie your branches, but low enough the there is no fire risk from the light. anyway from the center string, cut as many short pieces as you need to secure the branches. (I tie them around the stem just beneath the buds)

    IF your tent poles are smooth and you worry that your strings will slide down, take a few pens, pencils or similar shaped object, and duct tape it to the tent poles at whatever height you don't want the string to fall past.

    You could also get a 4x4 trellis net, just hook it on 3 corners (so you don't have to worry about getting it around your big plant and just shove the branches up through the holes and lay them on the net to support.

    Here is a banner auto where I had a thin ass branch snap and just laid it up on the net to recover. (I pulled it away from the main bud clusters to make the weak branch easier to see)

    Hope this helps mate and your Banner def has some nice buds on it, mine still have about a 4-6 weeks to go!
  2. @Thunderbug91

    Local garden center will have packs of Bamboo stakes just for this kind of stuff.
    Finally a use for all the twisty ties you saved.

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  3. Bamboo stakes are right up there with duct tape in the grow room IMO. Cheers
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  4. i agree neither should be used
  5. nice buds dude get creative and get those things secured the branches will snap and kill the buds if you dont
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