Update on a wandrin' Blade

Discussion in 'General' started by cowboysaxman, Feb 12, 2003.

  1. Just in case any of ya'll was missin' me,(or remember me!! LOL)

    Still healin' up from a auto wreck that totaled PoohGator's car. Neck and shoulder still givin' me a bit of trouble. PoohGator's healed up and back to work, I've been off since Nov. , and have the worse case of "cabin fever" in the world!!
    Been missin' ya'll, but haven't been able to get online much. Dr. says I'll be down a coupla more weeks, I'm actually looking forward to going back to work!!!! And visiting the "CITY" more of course!!!

    Peace,Love,Luck,and BIG ole' Buds to all Blades and Bladies!!
  2. What's up man, long time no see. . .

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  3. Damn Cowboy, wrecked the old lady's car. Bet you didn't get much grief over that. But glad you came through in one patched up piece.

    Good to see you around again.
  4. Lucky for me, PoohGator was driving, we were sittin' still, and was rear-ended by a guy going about 60mph!! We are both fortunate not to be injured more seriously!!!
  5. Hey cowboy, Glad to here you are healing up my friend. Send PoohGator and the younguns our love.

    When ya get back to work let us know how ya'll are doing!
  6. COWBOY!!!! YAY!!!

    That really sucks about the wreck but I'm really glad that the two of you are alive and well...ok, alive and patched up. You better start showing your saxman-ass around here a bit more!!!!

  7. hhm, saxman?saxman?......

    acourse we remember ya. get well soon.
    an figures I think of this but i hope whoever reareneded ya had some niiiice insurance $$$$.
  8. Good to see you cowbowm good karma your way. Cabin fever sucks time to get that R&R time :)

  9. hey cowboy good to hear from you but sad to hear about the accident, and yet good again to hear that you both survived! i hope everything works out, say hello to poohgator for phishhead and myself.

    all our love ~~

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