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    The ones in the terra pots are afganis which are 8 days old with the exception of the smallest one which which is 2 days old. The one in the blue cup is a random strain and 9 days old . Any opinions on whether they look healthy, need to be trans planted, etc?





  2. Looks good dude. How big of a planter you transplant them in is up to you. Bigger pot bigger plant. For myself I use 3 gallon airpots. 5 gallon would be to big for my indoor grow.
  3. Thanks, Im working with 2x4 as far as space goes I was actually planing of transplanting two to 5 gallons and two to I believe are 1 or two gallons Im guessing this would be to much for a 4x2 growing area. Whats you yield out of 3 gallons?
  4. Well yield is hard to determine but size of your plant is. With 3 gallon pots I get usually 30-35 inch plants.

  5. The plants look great but dont transplant them until you see some roots through the pot drain holes and you will have a nice rootball to transplant (called potting up). They will have a while longer before transplanting so it OK for now.
    This is one of my rootballs ready to transplant.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

  6. Your root ball is why I like airpots. The pic attached is from a harvested plant. Notice no wrapping of roots. They get airpruned and grow along the root inside.


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  7. My rootball is far from rootbound and this is when its time to pot up.
  8. There lookiing great give them a little bit of water, they all look a little dry.

  9. Unless your sure you know what your talking about please don't post that is called root bound and is bad for plants it stresses the plant can kill it increases the chance of a hermi.

    OP don't listen to this advice, the one's the the plastic cups could do with a bigger pot the one's in the brown cups can go another week and a half before you might want to consider re potting them.

  10. Where did i say any plants were rootbound ????????
    I think you are here to stalk me.

  11. You didn't but those are root bound OK your a newbie i will give you some advice NEVER let your plant get that root bound serously that's really not a good idea, when you see a few roots coming out the bottom it's time to re pot.

  12. Airpots...solution to that problem. I use them for everything from MJ to Flowers to Tomatoes. When I break up the soil after harvest all I ever see is a through fine mesh of roots all through out the soil..never any thick wrapped around roots. The holes hyper oxygenate the soil as well. I also get a proper flushing when I do. The water comes out of all the holes on the sides rather then just out of the bottom.

    A little pricey but reusable and just plain awesome.
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    No thet are not rootbound. They look like it because i water around the rims of my pots letting the roots grow outwards. I am no newbie and this is a picture of a rootbound plant. Stop dissing me as i have done nothing to you.


    When the roots start wrapping around the plant and getting tied up is root bound like the above and not my plants and i have many grows under my belt to know what i am talking about. I dont come on here to get blasted for so called knowing nothing. I came here to help. Please have some respect.
  14. Dude i'm not dissing you and i have no intention of turning this thread into a flame fest i'm just saying you want to re pot before your plants look like that, you even said they were able to go another week, it pwont kill the plant but it will stress it and it isn't good, all i'm saying is you want to pot them on before they look like that, just because you got in trouble for posting bad information before it doesn't mean you need to get deffensive i'm telling you this for your own experience, what i do and all the other growers/grows i have seen is not let it get that bad i like to pot on before that.

    That may be my opinion or my preference but if you leave a plant like that another week it will be bad for the plant.

    And just because i'm disagreeing with you doesn't mean i'm disrespecting you

  15. I understand.

  16. Sweet thanks everyone, but as far seeing roots goes, am I waiting to see nothing but roots through the drain holes or root wrapping on the outside of the drain hole?
  17. When you see a few roots poking through the drain wholes it's time to re pot

  18. Just when you see some roots through the drain holes. Water them and leave them for a couple of hours until the soil is just moist and the whole rootball with soil should slide out in one big ball like in my pics. When you are ready to do this get your new pots and soil ready and prepared first then tip the pot sideways and sick a pen end through the drain holes to help it slide out in one big ball.
  19. Cool thanks again, I'll keep yall posted.
  20. Update: today the AK's are 13 days old and the one in the blue cup is 14 days. How do you yall think their doing so far? I intend to transplant the one in the blue cup tommorow and im giving the ak another week as of today like skunky monkey suggested .


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