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    transplanted the girls tonight. they are in the mobile scrog setup now. i turned half the bulbs off. they are showing signs of stress from the heat and extreme light. maybe this t5 was a little much. and now the girls are like 8 inches from the light and i cant do anything about that. so we'll see how it goes. any ideas? temps are holding 85-87. i am freezing water bottles to put near the intake. veg times will be much shorter from now on. switching to 12/12 saturday morning.
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    they are so much happier with only 4 bulbs running. temps are at 77 also. i hope i'm not over doing it with the 8 qb120s in the 2x4 space below.
  3. i was going to suggest pulling every bulb except 1 . then turn on 2 at night . there is not a need for huge powerful lights in veg unless your in a rush
  4. not a rush, but i am running the t5 for the first 2-3 weeks of flower to help reduce stretch. so i wanted to make sure there was plenty of light. i think i got that accomplished! i am going to check temps again in an hour or so. so far steady at 77 and I'm thrilled with that!
  5. it might be time to hit the store buy a ac unit ?
    or buy these bulbs Philips 54-Watt Equivalent 46in. Linear T5 InstantFit LED Tube Light Bulb Daylight (5000K)-473520 - The Home Depot
    you should be running them anyways they will save money in the long run and plants like them better then those t5 bulbs . a t5 bulb will burn your hand these bulbs you could place them on your girls back wile your doing your business lmao that be a crazy fetish... i guess you see into place your normally cant lol . it would not even get hot .
  6. i'm happy with 77. i do need a bigger exhaust though. thats coming soon. but i just found out from tbone that 8 qb boards is too much for a 2x4 room. so looks like i will be building another coupla small areas. maybe for autos.

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