UPDATE!!! Day 34 from seed. How they looking

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  1. 2490499F-177C-4AEE-847E-5DA06B7849F0.jpeg 55D0F73D-A84D-46BD-B71E-F4198F33A95B.jpeg B4ED16F2-4B6D-43B3-82DC-6C3027D67F92.jpeg 38501F67-F6D0-412F-96AE-BE33996B3AC9.jpeg 59394C41-1D1C-415D-B714-74769DBB0128.jpeg I have 5 Specail kush #1 feminized seeds and 2 cheese feminized seeds. I have 4 in 5 gallon buckets mixed with a 70/30 happy frog and perlite. Water about every 4 days. Using cutting edge Solutions trio, micro, grow, and bloom. Plants are an indoor/outdoor grow. Basically when it’s nice out the plants are soaking up the sun and when it’s crappy their inside under 3 4ft cfls with an oscillating fan. All have been topped and am transplanting the other 3 lady’s Friday. Any tips/tricks advice would be great!! Thanks, happy growing
  2. They're really stretchy and need more light.
    Other than that they look pretty healthy.
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  3. I agree with Blix - they look healthy but they're very stretched and spindly due to poor lighting.
    Why not fill your buckets to utilize all the available space for the roots? You're only using 2-3 gallons of your 5 gallon bucket.
    Good luck and welcome to GC. :)

    For a comparison - this plant is 32 days from sprout.
    4.5 weeks.JPG
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  4. Are you planning a Outdoor grow? Or is that a green house? Are you feeding silica to strengthen stems?
  5. A2088BA2-6D38-4906-BBA7-026FFCC04A4B.jpeg 42127D8D-64B1-4261-BE90-5348A8A8B265.jpeg 7FE44A68-38EB-49E3-92BD-A779140099D2.jpeg 0E6C2473-2DEB-4EA8-9FF5-F740281B4C02.jpeg 2E5DE35D-7AC4-4233-AA80-789F193E376C.jpeg Update!!! Day 40 and all the plants have been transplanted and 2 have been topped twice. All plants have been moved outdoors permanently. I was bringing them inside and out but they where stretching to much. All plants doing good besides one had some nutrient damage. It’s doing better now. As a newbie and my first time growing outside when should I start to see the plants flower?
  6. I would drill tons of holes in your bucket and get closer to light because like the guy previous said they should have more veg. This is one of mine 40 days old. Including topping and LST. 20190730_224848.jpg 20190730_230815.jpg

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