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  1. I got a hold of this electrical cabinet. As you see it's mostly gutted but some more needs to be done. I am going to turn it into a hydroponic grow cabinet. I have ideas on how to use the existing vents and what to do about the openings as they all have screw holes to attach a plate. I also plan to powder coat the outside and inside and use panda film inside. I will be using a 450w led for this box. I also plan to hook up a beaglebone black with a 10" color touch screen I have and have a display for temp and timer for the lights

    51" tall
    21.75 deep

    I also plan on removing the inner back wall. I'll post updates as I go along.

    If you guys have any suggestions, comments or a something you wish you did to yours but would like too see, please, let me know.

    Thanks! 20190607_201455.jpg 20190607_201513.jpg 20190607_201544.jpg 20190607_201552.jpg

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  2. Thanks. I've gutted a good amount this morning. It was easier than anticipated. I'll post more pictures when that inside wall is gone and everything is out.

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  3. Yup subscribed to this one. It’ll be interesting to see how this turns out good luck
  4. Update:

    The cabinet has been gutted out and now trying to remove the inner wall. I weakened the welds but I need a sledge or heavier hammer than what I have to knock it loose. That will be tomorrow. Next update I'll have the wall gone, door off and burned off all the paint. 20190609_120627.jpg 20190609_121246.jpg

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  5. I apologize for not updating in a timely manner. Life happens. Such as a newborn . I have made progress and I am currently closing the gap on getting this done.

    I pulled off the door and back, burned off the paint sanded and powdered coated them both. They are ready for assembly. Pics below.

    As for the cabinet itself, getting that inside wall out was a b***h. It will be burned off tomorrow or the next day and painted at the end of the week. I'll post pics of that as I go.

    Once all the pieces i need are ready to go I plan on recording the assembly process. At that time I'll update all the mods I'm going to incorporate and go from there.

    My ultimate plan for outside decor will be logo decals. I will take any suggestions though.

    Stay tuned... 20191004_140652.jpg 20191004_140616.jpg
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    Can I get opinions on panda film? Never used it before but seems like the right fit.
  7. Just spray paint it flat white. Or you could spray prime and then spray adhesive some mylar up. I would just spray the inside flat white

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  8. I've thought about that. If you notice there are openings on the side. I have the original metal plates to cover those and some material to help seal it but I figured panda film over that would make it air tight if done right. I like the idea of the adhesive spray though. It would be hell to replace in the future if needed so I was thinking double sided tape. I've heard horror stories about the tape also...
  9. The vents should be used, air flow and ventilation are your best friends when it comes to growing anything

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  10. True that! The back wall has enough vent for air in. Rounding up the numbers I'm looking at about 20 cu ft
    of inside space (Making a housing on top for fan/filter).
    Since the inline fan I'll be using is 195 cu ft per min I believe I'll have enough negative pressure. Especially since the fan is adjustable. I have a thick metal screen/grill I'm mounting behind (inside) the back wall along with a double layer strip of carbon filter in between. No smell, no light.
  11. Finally got the cabinet itself done. Came out really good. I think I'll follow the advice I got here and spray paint the inside flat white. It will be much easier to deal with than panda film.

    I'll probably start assembly soon. Starting with the door and light set up. I'll update then. 20191025_160155.jpg 20191025_160124.jpg
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  12. Yeah those 6 vent holes on either side are a bit too much I would cover all but 1 or 2 on each side and maybe get some small computer fans to use as a constant intake on one side and then set up a small carbon filter on the other. Maybe keeping a square of 4 open so you can fasten a 4 or 6” flange to secure a real carbon filter. Usually I prefer my carbon filter and air extraction to pull from above since hot air rises but in a small space like this it really shouldn’t matter Much. As long as you can create some negative pressure when the unit is sealed that will be a desirable feature. Looking really professional so far, I would just spray the inside flat white, a really bright blinding white so you’ll need 3-5 coats easy going over black like that. I would prime gray or an off whiteish spray primer To minimize the amount of coats required. Should be a killer unit when finished though. But I would really block most those squares except one for intake finding the perfect size pc cooling fan to pull in some air and then using 4 on the other side fasten a flange with some high end all purpose epoxy putty like PC-7 and cut out the metal cross separating them.. might have to use some of that metal to cover any holes on the side where the flange will be secured. Then you can put the fan and carbon filter on the bottom and secure a floor above it that has vents to allow for air scrubbing.

    You should also get some good dense durable foam adhesive weather stripping for the door(s) to make sure its air tight.

    NoNute’s Indoor no till stealth spare room part 1; Cheapskate Portuguese pot farming

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  13. Those square openings on the sides are getting covered up. I've cut up some scrap steel to do so. There is a vent cut out on the back panel that will get a steel screen with a thin sheet of carbon filter sandwiched in between for my passive intake. If I'm not pulling enough air in at that point then the next step would be to do something like you suggested and use those bottom openings for more air.

    The door came with a really nice rubber seal that will do a good job of making it air tight. (At least it looks like it will.)

    As far as my fan/filter I'm going to make a housing for them that will sit on top of the unit itself so not to take up and grow space inside. It will be big enough to put all the electrical and the air pump as well.

    Next weekend I will be spraying the inside flat white and I'll have the back and door on it at that point and update with pics.

    Thank you for all the advice. I'm always open for different perspectives.
  14. I need suggestions. I intended to use the rectangular opening on the upper right corner of door as a peek window. I was thinking of using a thin plexiglass mounted from the inside so its flush from the outside but I'm having a hard time thinking of a way to cover that window in a way that will look good and not let any light in or out. Being able to lock it is a plus but not required.

    Any feedback is appreciated. 20191004_140652.jpg
  15. Very cool project!

    You seem pretty capable with metal work. What about fashioning a slider? Like in cartoons over a peephole in a door. Seems simple.

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  16. Thank you. That isnt a bad idea. My initial thought was making a magnetic cover but the slider seems appealing.
  17. I personally am an advocate of positive pressure in growing spaces because it helps protect against pests, which will have a harder time getting into a positive pressure environment. I get that negative is easier to control smell if that is a concern but I think that can be solved in other ways. Are there other benefits to negative pressure?
  18. OP, nice job cleaning out that cabinet btw, love me some DIY action :thumbsup:
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  19. Sure are! Temperature/humidity management for one. Co2 is also affected but im not using any equipment for Co2 supplement so that part is a bit moot. The smell is a big factor though. That part is nearly non negotiable.
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