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Upcoming withdrawal on top of quitting smoking

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by OldManDave, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. I've been taking MMJ daily (normally only once a day though) for about 4 months. The only days I've recently skipped were when I travelled to Vegas, so I was drinking, which probably masked any real withdrawal. But it was otherwise fine.

    Tomorrow I leave for two weeks for Christmas to visit relatives and won't have any access to it. Can't travel with it. Don't want to buy it there because it technically wouldn't be legal for me and that's just the way I am.

    I don't want to get into the whole addiction argument, but clearly people have reported lack of appetite, trouble sleeping, and so on. But I imagine a lot of it is psychological.

    So, thinking its largely psychological, I'm trying to go into it with a positive attitude: a break is good for you, it'll drop my tolerance, and so on. I could use the time off. I honestly believe it'll be good for me, and if I don't look at it as deprivation, I wonder how tolerable it's going to be?

    The problem is I quit smoking about 2 weeks ago (after 30 pack-years). So I'm getting all of these cravings intermixed, and starting to panic a little because I think I'm craving weed. And when you search for weed craving on the Interenet, there's a whole subculture of poeple that seem to real problems (like quit for years and still craving, which is weird).

    I've been opiate dependant in the past, and I'm fearing this like I'm going cold turkey off of opiates, which I know it's nothing like. But that previous experience plus the current quitting smoking on top of travelling without THC has got me a little spooked!

    Any reassuring words? And please don't make me regret posting in the Apprentice forum by telling me things like "duud I smok 24-7 your just a litewait get real and smoke up now!" :)
  2. Lack of appetite - I'm sure you won't starve. This is sometimes a great thing for the smokers with the usual munchies.

    Trouble sleeping - Read before going to bed...or go work out or be active. You'll get tired eventually.

    Literally the only effects (NOT withdrawals) I've noticed from taking a break from smoking is having really intense dreams. Smoking habitually causes you to not dream as often in my experience. I love dreaming, so this is a great.

    Man up, old man..this is weed.

    Who knows, maybe you'll enjoy reality without weed on your break. If you've smoked for 30 years heavily, then why don't you at least take the experience of NOT smoking for a little bit (since you've never even given that a chance lately)?
  3. I don't ever want to encourage you to start nicotine again but i would buy some snus because its weak nicotine wise and you dont have to spit. I would use them while at family so that you dont have two withdraws at once but it might get you started again.
  4. Get some cigarellos, or cigars... don't inhale them. The act of smoking will relax you and hopefully help you get by.

    Wank before you go to sleep and take melatonin. I find that I get irritable when I stop smoking pot after 2-3 days... so hopefully its not amplified because you quit smoking cigarettes.
  5. Those that claim withdrawals have been heavy tokers for years. The only symptoms you will have is from the lack of nicotine (and my hat is off to you for dumping that habit, I am still weak). :smoke:
  6. Dont worry about it. People take tolerance breaks all the time.
  7. So I won't be roaming the streets offering to perform favors for just one more chance to suckle at the teat of my smoky master? By which I means cigarettes, of course :)

    I quit smoking (nicotine) about 14 years ago for 6 years.... so I've learned all those times (no substitution, no mourning, no moping, etc). But the whole THC thing is pretty new to me and I sure -feel- like a chronic, even though I probably couldn't be one yet!

    Thanks for the reassurance!
  8. Similar situation for me I have been smoking every day for about 15 months and now am on holidays for two weeks with no smoke access. It honestly hasn't been to bad, I miss it and I used to find I had a lack of appetite but my appetite has increased after only a week without weed. I definitely want to get high but I'm not suffering any setbacks, I can sleep, I can eat, and have no other problems.(although waking up is a bit easier :p) Just take it easy and relax you will be fine! Just think how baked you will get next time you smoke after the t break ;p

  9. pretty much my thoughts on it. I also agree most of the "withdrawals" are psychological, as weed is not physically addictive plus the "withdrawals" are very subjective (vary on strength, personally i dont notice any difference).

    I only eat when im hungry (or stoned :p), or im going to work out in 1-2 hours so i dont notice any suppressed appetite as my eating schedule is highly variable but it works.

    if your having trouble sleeping, try going to bed later and waking up earlier, even half an hour makes a difference, also you can try meditation or physically exhausting yourself.

    As for the dreams, completely agree, i love vivid dreams but when i smoke they are sadly not present, if i dont smoke for a week or so i can get semi lucid dreams which are so much fun.
  10. Great post! I've recently been smoking for about 10+ months, so not much at all. But I normally smoke every day. I went down to my dads this past week, and wasn't able to smoke which showed me a few things. No hint of psychological attachment, I feel really comfortable smoking and being able to take breaks because it doesn't bother me. But your post was definitely on point, I noticed sleeplessness and not really the appetite, but great post!
  11. For the curious, I'm now about 5 days in and it's not bad at all. Hope the medical condition for which I take MMJ doesn't come out of remission, but the effects of stopping cold turkey have been minimal.

    To put it simple, if I had it I'd smoke it, but I don't, and its ok. I even had some offered to me, but being illegal where I am, I had the peace of mind to decline. If it was anything like others have sometimes described, I wouldn't have been able to take a pass.

    Appetite a little off, a little trouble sleeping, I get hot more easily, and a minor bit of agitation, but even that is more likely from nicotine withdrawal. So, no news is good news.

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