UpComing election::Whos on our side?

Discussion in 'General' started by hitmang11, Feb 11, 2004.

  1. So with the elections coming up, does anybody know where all the canadiates stand on drugs. Which of them are more on our side. Havent really heard anything about where anyof them stand, im 20 and havnt voted before, pretty sure im guna do it this year tho. Ofcourse thats not the only thing im judging them on but id like to know.
  2. Dennis Kucinich is pro marijuana. But sadly, he probably doesn't stand a chance.

    "A Kucinich administration would work to implement a drug policy that removes responsible recreational users and medical users of marijuana from the criminal justice system."

    You can read more about his positive views here:

  3. Looks like John Kerry may be the one we end up with!

    He's not bad..
  4. i mean they doent have to be pro-pot or for legalazation but they might have more relaxed views about pot or drugs in general. Was clinton more relaxed then bush? I jst dont want to see someone put into office that has got a agenda to make more/harder drug laws
  5. Of all the candidates who have a shot in hell (sorry Kucinich, I love ya, but you're fucked), Kerry is the best one. According to NORML, he's undecided on decriminalization, is pro-medical mj, and unfortunately undecided about the HEA exclusion (which prohibits people with drug convictions from receiving federal funding for college).

    So, in summary, KERRY 2004!
  6. Anything besides another term with bush...Kerry looks to be my man....

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