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Upcoming drug test question PLEASE HELP

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by iced_1776, Feb 3, 2014.

  1. Well, the title may suggest a bite more urgency than the reality of the situation so I'm apologizing to those who misinterpreted. So, I've spent hours and hours reading threats about dru tests and I'm really just asking for the opinions and personal experiences of my fellow seasoned tokers. So here goes.
    I've been a dail smoker of about .3 a day some days more somedyas  less for about 8 years now. I will have to pass a drug test with a .50ng/l cut off sometime around the first or second week of April not entirely sure. Since January 5th I have toked 2 times with less than a .2 max, once after one day ofcessation once after 10 days and once (tonight) after 15 days. The second time I toked with resin and tonight did some blades with some old weed that would have not even weighed in at a .1 Im fairly lean and muscular Im just wondering, in anyone's opinion wil that bring my THC levels back to their original level?
    I don't believe so Ive done hours of research etc. some reports up to 90 days but not specifing mode of test, if they inhaled second hand smoke etc. etc. Ive found a lot of anecdotal evidences suggesting 30-90 days and people saying they tested positive up to 60 days on home tests etc. I Have also found peer revewed information with names of numerous judges, phds and MDs done by the Americna Drug court (anti drug govt sponsored think tannk) which definitively states in nmerous spots chronic users have passed .20ng/l cut offs after 21 days and states that the longest period is 21 days. So i dont know what to think but in University I was always taught anecdotal evidence is garbage, I also know university doesn't apply to the real world(my grammar) 100% of the time or even close.
    So to reiterate my question are my levels back to normal? Just risen a small amount? will it screw me anymore than I alrady was?
    A big thanks in advance to anyone who replies in a serious manner I am sending very positive vibes to those who give me any advice. Thank you ladies and gents!!


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