Upcoming drug test, help a girl out!

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  1. i feel like the old adage applies to me, if it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have none at all. Long story short. Work from home, underpaid, overworked, the job is starting to mentally affect me after five years with current employer. I NEVER touch weed (no judgment, just not normally my thing) but I had my first trip ever to CA two weeks ago for work and a very high up and well respected colleague suggested I try edible gummies while there. I bought a bag at a dispensary, 20 count of 5mg gummies. They were delicious and helped with my insomnia and travel jitters. I’d say I consumed less than half the bag over 48 hours as I took one at a time and gave them time to set in before deciding if I needed another. Well, I came back to an interview invitation for an amazing job that would change my life. They offered the job, and I found out today I have to drug test by Monday so I’m freaking out. If I wait until Monday, what are the odds that I’ll pass? Is there anything I can do to help my odds? I’ve been eating clean and hydrating like crazy but have no idea how long this stuff stays in the system. Everything has fallen into place so perfectly for this position and I’m just freaking out that I’ve completely screwed myself. Today I bought a home test from the store and the negative line was faint, but there. The directions said no matter how faint, it meant negative for thc above the testing level. Any advice, well wishes or calming comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. You are probably good, but a follow up test first thing in the morning wouldn’t hurt. If you have any doubt find your local sex toy shop/porn store or head shop and buy some synthetic urine.
  3. Does questpro or whoever does these tests watch you urinate? Is synthetic urine regional? I’m so new to all of this I’m just freaking out because if this opportunity doesn’t work out I’m seriously stuck in a dead end position for many reasons. Idk if you’re religious but I am and I just can’t believe that god/the universe would bring me this far for such an unbelievable opportunity (a work contact had a high up colleague in with the new employer putting in a great word for me) plus offering to buy my house and pay full relocation form an area I hate just to let me fail a damn drug test over some gummies I tried legally.
  4. The odds against them watching you pee are enormous. Tests for the legal system are frequently monitored but pre employment tests are hardly ever monitored, there needs to be special circumstances for them to watch. I agree with Jay, test your first void of the morning before you drink anything when your urine is most concentrated. If you pass that you're almost certain to pass the real test since you won't have concentrated urine for that. If I was you and had so much riding on the damn test I'd get some synthetic or clean natural if you know someone you can trust. The temperature must be between 90 and 100F, some people use a handwarmer to keep it warm but I've found that keeping it up against my nuts keeps the temp right at 93F. You may really be anxious as you substitute so if you go that way practice practice. You can tuck your specimen somewhere warm and unnoticeable and you'll be fine.

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