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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by briwes911, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. anyone still up?? its 3am here were i am
  2. down its 2am overhere
  3. I'm always up, if I were to sleep people would cease to see me...If the people don't see me they won't know how fuckin' awesome I am, man!:cool:
  4. 3am still up watching weeds. Saw ever other season except the first... thank you netflix..
  5. 2 a.m over here! usually knock out around 3:30 or 4. got real fucked up sleep problems that even weed can't help :(:rolleyes:
  6. ive never watched weeds and im glad im not the only one that cant sleep =P
  7. 12 where im at,
    just watched some that 70's show and jammed to some led zepp at a friends

    picked up a 30 sac today,
    light green, sticky, an fruity, just how i like it

    and word, netflix is the bomb buddha

    bout to re-up my subscription as of now actually yes yes

  8. im watching that 70's show rite now on nick@nite
  9. I am high with my girlfriend right now, just thought id let everyone know.

  10. my wife is sound a sleep...

  11. watch some weeds man, after a nice bowl.
  12. someone told me to watch the green rush so thats what im going to google and locate in about 10 min
  13. Oh..thats too gf is high with me here....shes watching hgtv:smoking:
  14. Isn't that the home and garden network...Seriously, bro? You're watching the home and garden network?:cool:
  15. its all good we smoked a fatty blunt earlyer....shes has to work tommorow and i get to play with smoke rings all day lol
  16. up smoking honey oil and watching heavyweights
  17. im up 3am here too :D

    and really your gf gets high and watches holmes on homes and shit? aha thats funny. Hope you guys are having a great time :) gonna smoke a lil and see where that takes me tonight. It wotn be far but im gonna watch a movie or something most likely.. ahah sad.
  18. Sad?! Sounds more like...Fuckin' awesome, man!:cool:
  19. fucking bomb movie

  20. i think i may just 2nd that i lol

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