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  1. What do you guy think im just a newbie my ears open for advise male or female

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  2. Looks a little droopy and stretched. Eventually, you will need to transplant to a bigger pot, and when you do make sure to add a lot of perlite. Second what type of lighting are you using? What type of soil is that? Are you feeding pHed water? Leaf dropping can be caused by either over watering or lack of light.

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  3. Im just useing ph water dats all n im using 2 cfl lights n its some mir grow soil i had laying around the house .on and im new to this thanks for the advise i just brought some perlite. And a bigger pot
  4. CFLs are fine for veg state but when you go into flowering, you will significantly need more lighting. Get a cheap marshydro LED your plant will thanks you.. Whats the watts of the CFLs?

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