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up the nose

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by hydro_dank_man, May 1, 2006.

  1. fellow tolkers i was sondering if when you are smoking do you ever have a friend give you a shotugun and take it streight up tha nose i mean all of it man your brain streight gets blown away you get so high so do any of you do it?
  2. When I let smoke out of my nose its fine. But if I take smoke in my nose it burns
  3. i take smoke through my noze all the time, french inhale style.
  4. to each his own, i cant stand it because it makes my eyes water
  5. Yeah I'm all about that french inhale, but shotty's up the nose are too much for me... I don't think it goes "straight to the brain" though, I think it, just like air you breath in your mouth, goes straight to your lungs. I can't fathom there being a difference in absorbed thc in the nose or not, I just know it burns and is intense, and alot of people associate that with being more stoned.
  6. Sounds interesting to do one up the nose, ive never heard of that but i bet it would burn, i dnot like to baerth in thru my nose smoke
  7. out, not in.

  8. no.. god no

    Im sorry but I would never be able to watch someone do that and take them seriously..
    Shot gun up the nose? Im really not trying to be a dick but that fuckin' makes me laugh :eek:
  9. Hell no!
    My sinuses produce mucus like mad when I try and do something like that.
    In theory, you should be able to fill your sinuses with particulate matter which may not be able to get out on its own ever again.:eek:
  10. never done nasal smoking, but that form of smoking seems too . . . Native American, for me . . .
  11. Shit, french inhale all the way!

    Although I Havn't done it in a long time...i'ma start doing it every now and then (french Inhale)
  12. i dont even take shot guns to be honest with you i exhale through the nose but i dont see the point in inhaling through the nose.
  13. I cant say I have any urge for someone to blow smoke up my nose.
  14. teckno knows whats one is blowin smoke in my face
  15. Whats a french inhale?

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