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  1. It's about fuckin' time. This December, I will finally see Iron Maiden play live. I bought the tickets tonight, I'm going down to Glasgow with 5 of my friends and it's gonna be awesome. Maiden!!

    By the way, is everyone looking forward to Dance Of Death? What does everyone think of Wildest Dreams? I quite like it. It's kind of happy, but I'm guessing the rest of the album will be a bit deeper.

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  2. im lookin foreward to it. im going to see them in 10 days.

  3. Cool, where are you seeing them play?
  4. Denver.

  5. So you are Scottish? Wow, kick ass! I'll let you know how it went to give you a preview.I'm gonna bring a disposible camera, I'd like to bring my good one but I don't think they are allowed. I havn't heard any new songs yet- when was it released? Heres a pic of their listening bus.

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  6. Yep, I'm Scottish. Right up at the north on some islands, so I never see any bands. The album isn't released yet, but they have a video for the song 'Wildest Dreams'. I'll look forward to seeing your pics!
  7. Well I can tell you guys that I went to the concert last night and it was brilliant. They started out with # o the beast, and I was dead center 5th row, the closest Ive ever gotten to a stage at a venue of this size. My seats were located in the 17th row right side but I worked my way up to that spot before it started. I was gonna bring my digicam, but didn't thinkin they're not allowed, and now I could kick meself, cos everyone had one. I had a blunt however, which I lit up when they did The Clansman, an appropriate song to toke up to. Before they played it Bruce( whose voice was magnificent) went into a tirade about how theres too damn many rules and restrictions, esp. at the venue- he called the aisle guard guys " as big as the 'kin aisle itself" and "ugly as hell" That was entertaining, but anyway, it was so much more fun right at the front where you are really a part of it..They did Revelations, die w/ your boots on, 2 min, the trooper, iron maiden, wildest dreams9 from their new one) and a few more, wrapping up with run to the hills. It was a good mix with Harris' bass going right thru you. They should axe Janick tho, Adrians back, take a hint dude... He does cheerleader kicks for Crissake!! Anyway a great time was had by me- the pot really helped enhanse it as the blunt was packed with original misty. later....
  8. That sounds awesome, I can't wait!
  9. Yea- youll love it- where I was sitting, the bass sounded so bright and loud, like the albums x 20 for sound quality, they sound extremely tight and professional.- it's as close as I'll ever get to see them, i'm sure of that, unless I get another chance. I also heard G3 is coming; Satriani, Vai, and Malmsteen this time... yeaaa!
    Bout time some kick ass metal comes round here again.
  10. couple of cuties..

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