up on a hill.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by chi, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. me and friend #1, 2, and 3, were atop a desert hill in which there's a grass patch.

    we chillin, a little mad halfway through our session 'cause we didn't preroll, but we had bowls, so it was good. i was laying back and friend 2 and 3 are still trying to roll up. they call me, i sit up, and all of a sudden i hear this rattling noise begin.

    first thought in my head is "shit.. a rattler!" i jump off, and run down the hill, and i hear friend number 1 follow. we're running through desert bushes and such, and i hear him fall. he gets back up we keep running to the bottom of the hill. i point out he's bleeding, which he didn't notice. we got him cleaned up and returned to look for our other friends. friend 2 is fazed, has no idea what's going on.. and then friend 3 looks at us and says: "dude, it was a sprinkler"

    good times.. and now friend 1 has scars that he'll carry for the rest of his life.
  2. haha to manys times has something like that happened to me. with the whole thing about rattle snakes do you live in arizona by chance?
  3. in fact i do
  4. hahahaha, i probaly would've ran like a little bitch too...i hate snakes...
  5. thats a riot.

    one time me and a buddy we're sitting at a golf course around 10 pm. so we toke up, we're stoned. sit there for a bit, then all i the sudden we both swear to god we see this medium sized black animal about 40 feet away from us, then all of the sudden we see a medium sized animal thats all white next to the black one. So instantly we both start running as fast as we can, we kept looking back and i swear i so both animals chasing us, i was trippin balls, laughing at the same time as being scared shitless. seriosuly i never seen my friend run this fast before. so we get to the end of the road, and they r gone. We decided that IF they were real animals they musta been fisher cats. sounds unlikely, but man u shoulda seen us run. hahahaha
  6. ahahahha damn that sucksss mang .. lucky u dindnt get bitten tho
  7. yeh, afters, i was thinking about how we as humans.. we're just animals deep down. we see (or in my case hear) something that scares us, we bolt like rabbits from foxes. it's instinct.
  8. haha true that man

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