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  1. Hey guys I recently became the manager of my friends who created a rap/hip hop group that goes by AOTA. We have some big up-coming things coming up, I would really appreciate if you guys "like" us on facebook as well as listen at our music. Tell me that you think, these guys really work hard and they do everything from producing the beats to mixing/mastering their songs.

    Kinda baked as i write this, hopefully it makes sense. :smoke:

    Thanks for your time
    AOTA (All of the Above)

    few of older songs on hot new hip hop and a couple songs on the facebook page
    AOTA (All of The Above)'s Profile @ HotNewHipHop.com


  2. im like half way through one of your songs now, not bad you guys definitely have potential, based on your style though you might get alot of hate on this website cuz u guys are on the more "pop" sounding side of hip/hop, but still your good, definitely better than alot of people trying to make it out there.

    keep making tracks :smoke: good luck my dude
  3. If you guys are really trying to make it and gain followers or recognition my advice would to be more creative/unique. Your music is like 1000's of other rappers out there, I'm not hatin I'm just being real.
  4. thanks for the imput, those songs online are currently some of the older work we got an album coming out soon with some more of our unique style, ill put up the link once its up
  5. not bad, too hip-popy for me but id be interested in hearing the new album let us know when its out

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