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Up All Night

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by EliToker, Feb 14, 2003.

  1. So, the sun is just beginning to dawn (insofar as it can given the heavy cloud cover) over New Haven. It's about six thirty and I've stayed up all night, the intention originally being to write a paper. For whatever reason this has not happened yet, so I decided to smoke a bowl. I last smoked at about 2 a.m., which I guess is about four hours ago. Anyway, I think it's mostly from not sleeping, but this bowl got me way more high than usual. Anyway, I think I'll pack another and read the newspaper for a while. The paper isn't due until five so I'm still pretty money as far as that goes... Have you ever noticed that you get extra high from not sleeping? By the way, I'm smoking from my RayDiaTor which I got about a week ago and hasn't left my side since. My only complaint is that the glass inserts are both cracked already. Has any one else had this problem?

    This is what part of the alphabet would look like without Q and R.
  2. When you don't sleep the body reacts alot different to smoking. It's not as much as you are higher, as your body is tired and it doesn't take as much for more of a buzz.

    Good luck with your paper!
  3. from time to time i have to "adjust" my daycycle... through this i have experienced the following:

    - do not drink coffe 'till you're really, really tired
    - whilst on the coffeine rush (after about three cups in an hour or less), fire up a j
    - enjoy
    - get a big breakfast, and go to work/school
  4. yep, i've stayed up many all nights, even when i got school at 7 am :/
    but eh sometimes its worth it to get a lil stoned ;)
  5. I always do that..I hate sleeping b/c I'm always wondering what I'm missing
  6. i've done it where my shroom trip left me awake untill 3 in the morning, and desides to smoke a bowl and not sleep that night, and get superhigh...
  7. Hey man, I live 10 minutes away from New Haven in Branford.

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