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Unusual Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by cincinnatiman, Jun 16, 2013.

  1. haha i have a weird sort of question.. So when me and my friends smoke, we always end up having thoughts about the illuminati and the devil and shit like that. (i know its pretty fucked up) btw its usually me and my one other friend that do this, both of us have high IQ's compared to our other friends and we both do really well in school if that matters. But anyway i was looking stuff up online and read something about smoking pot can cause detachment from reality or something and i was wondering if this is what happens to us. I am not able to think about the devil and shit in a focused way when i am sober and just feel more spiritual when im high, this just seems really weird to me. does this sort of thing relate to anyone else? what kind of thoughts do other people have when youre high? can anyone explain this?

  2. No, man, theyre the ones who dont think normally, we live in a shitty society full of ignorance, greed and just all around shitty close minded people. I find the herb has helped me look at life from a different perspective, for one, it is illegal and people spread all sorts of bullshit lies which causes me to question my life, for example something that i may have beleived all my life may have been some bullshit propaganda spread by someone with an alterior motive.
  3. i have had those exact thoughts. spot on.
  4. Great minds think alike i guess.  :smoking:
  5. yeah man, you see the world through a whole new set of eyes. dont forget, weed is a mild psychedelic 
  6. You and your friends have had your IQs tested? Which test did you take?
  7. It's different for every person. I find myself accepting theories more (weeds illegality is kind of a conspiracy of sorts). It has changed the way I approach some facts and information in a way that I don't think I would have been able to without weed.
  8. Psychedelics alter the way you perceive and/or process information, so it seems rather natural  that your thoughts/intrigues would shift when you're stoned vs. sober. I find myself drawn to philosophical/theoretical topics (theoretical physics while high = :eek: ), but any topic that's open-ended & less mundane than your everyday subject. As StudleyStoner mentioned earlier, there's a baffling degree of ignorance imbedded in today's society; if the herb gives your mind a bit of a reprieve that allows you to think outside the box a bit more, I'd embrace it.

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