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  1. my question is a little unsual but....if you plant a MJ plant and do pretty much everything right...nice big hole, good quality soil, mulch, animal prot. etc,...is it probable that it will work. I just hear alot of people claiming that "if its your first grow, dont buy good seeds. Waste of money". does this mean that most peoples first attempt fails? How did yalls first attempt go. Id ont understand why it wouldnt work, what are some possibilites, or things you have saw in your time? A first time grower can do the same as an experienced one, or i would think. sorry if this is diferent ?, it was just on my mmind. thanks
  2. high man,

    its all about putting the time in and reading, and not rushing things. this is my first grow, no joke. from bagseed. but i've been reading non stop and been dedicated to making it work since two winters ago in '04. just finally got my own place, and built a stealth cab :) before i started growing - cause i couldn't where i lived but was obsessed with it anyway, lol... before i even started, it'd say i knew as much about growing and building my setup - and all kinds of different setups - as i possibly could without ever having seen a mj plant. yup, never seen one before my Lunah... :) she makes me proud :)

    read, learn, get the right equip, and you can enjoy growing your own smoke :smoke:

    and if you decide to start up a new grow, im sure the friendly people of GC would love to see ya get things setup right :)

    itd say read lots of grow journals, either soil or hydro (i suggest hydro :)) ,

    run a search on random questions you come up with before posting a new thread, and then be open to others suggestions :) im sure everything'll fall right into place

    best of luck, peace
  3. I agree with Red about the need to educate yourself by reading and then reading some more, but I also think there is a point at which you have to do and not read in order to learn. Like riding a bicycle, you can read all about it but nothing will quite prepare you for balancing on two wheels other than practice.

    With MJ, as long as you have the proper set-up and stay down the middle of the road you probably will be fine and produce something to be proud of. The problem is you don't have the "guard rails" in place that only experience will produce. Yeah, everyone says water thoroughly but don't overwater, yet what exactlly does that mean? Don't over-fert, but how do you know? When something doesn't look right, it could be shock or nute-lock or overwatering or spider mites, how do you know? And so on. A lot of things, like riding a bicycle, you can only know for sure by developing a sense for them through practice and experience.

    You need to practice with something, so if you want to spend money on seeds to practice on, with the chance that you will get a good end-product, that's your decision. But if you have bagseed in hand it makes the most sense in most cases to recommend using that as a starter because it's free, and you already are incurring a lot of expenses as you start out growing, especially indoors, with lights, room/cab set-up, ventilation etc etc. Last thing you need is another $50 expense.

    That's not to knock bagseed -- if the smoke was great that the seeds came from then you probably have some decent genetics to work with already. The real problem with bagseed is not that it's guaranteed schwag, that's absolutely untrue. The problem is that it's unknown.

    My first grow turned out pretty good, but that was in spite of my best efforts to kill it! I made a bunch of mistakes and was lucky enough, and had read enough, to figure out how to let the plant recover from most of it. I don't know if most starter grows fail, but in a sense it doesn't matter because you aren't "the average", you are you, and you will have much more control over the situation than you might now realize. I think that's the point, there really is so much that is up to the grower.

    Ultimately it's a matter of expectations. The first time you ride a bicycle you don't hope to beat Lance Armstrong up a mountain, you just want to see if you can make it to the end of the block without breaking a bone. With MJ, the advice to beginners is to set an expectation of having a learning experience not necessarily of ending up with a big pile of kind buds, although that still is a distinct possibility.

    Hope this helps.

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