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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by kdiesel, May 12, 2011.

  1. thinking of using the unused shower in my basement for grow...any suggestions? anybody on here tried this before?
  2. not so unusual....

    Loads of people use shower stalls...and even bath tubs

    My suggestion is to read around...and dont start buying supplies until you know what you need.
  3. Yea, been doing my research for the last couple months....still can't decide between cfls or hps....dont know whether or not it's tall enuff for the hps
  4. Where do you plan on exhausting the old air?
  5. Do it!!....and if you buy dwarf seed or cut lights early to stunt lenthty growth u can use hps...either way is good tho.....is this for personal??..if so cfls are fine..and one other question...does the shower have the usual frame with glass around it?
  6. Its a regular one person shower, glass door and all..since I'm growing just for personal use, I'm leaning toward cfls.....I don't think air flow will be a problem, I plan on using the existing bathroom exaust fan and adding a carbon filter to it...I was just going to use a regular 4" fan to keep the air moving in there....the basement stays cool year round, so I'm not too worried about heat...what do u guys think?
  7. Oh yeah, I'm starting with lowryder 2 cuz I didn't want the height issue to be a problem...I'm 6'3 and that shower isn't really tall enuff for me lol....I really wanna try LSD and chocolope but worried about them growing too tall, I need to find out more about topping and LST, don't want my girls smothered:D
  8. I'm growing LSD right now, but its only a seedling...

    You really do need to worry about exhausting the old air....You babies will need to breathe

    And good luck hooking up your existing bathroom fan to a carbon scrubber, You'll need quite a small one because I dont think your bathroom fan will be able to pull air thru it.
  9. Good luck on the LSD man I've heard great things about it...cudnt I just buy a stronger fan and swap it out, or do you think I need a stand alone setup with ducting and all?
  10. I wouldn't run a Carbon Filter without a powerful fan....

    I use a 6 inch inline fan on a speed controller.

    Swapping out the fan that's already there could be more work and more money than just getting the CF and inline fan...
  11. can still use the fart fan ducting as long as it is ducted and not a recirq
    to get rid of the air but a REAL fan ducting and scrubber are gonna be needed and a T5 HO light system will be less heat than even cfls.

    You could scrog 2 plants in 5gal buckets in there. (spilling water aint a concern). Look in on my ghetto. in sig
  12. yeah? the only reason i was using the exising bathroom mount is because i have a bunch of old computers laying around collecting dust and the fan on a couple of them look to be about the right size...it would save money i think. Anybody heard of the odor removing gel? I forget the name, but youre suppposed to put it in a bucket and have the fan blowing over it and it supposedly removes all odor
  13. I have made the ONA gel bucket and it doesnt work.....

    EDIT: It may work for vegging and MAYBE for one flowering plant...but this MJ is a stinky bitch! :D
  14. Be careful growing in a shower even if your not using the shower, there will still be moisture in there and possibly mold or mildew I would clean it all with eithere a fungucide or bleach water, my second grow I had them flowering right next to my shower and they got powder mildew from it, just make sure everything is well cleaned
  15. Anyone ever try the TruAir Room odor eliminator -> [ame=http://www.amazon.com/Hamilton-Beach-TrueAir-Room-Eliminator/dp/B002SHCEVG/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=home-garden&qid=1305222247&sr=8-2]Amazon.com: Hamilton Beach TrueAir Room Odor Eliminator: Home & Garden[/ame] ?
    I have read of people using the smaller plug in version and I'm wondering if its worth a try for a small grow.
  16. thanks 420, that bucket sounded like a GREAT idea but damn oh well...gotta spend the $$

    i was thinking the same thing cc but im a little ocd about cleaning...not worried about mold....even in the basement lol
  17. not worried about the mold being a clean freak the way i am lol
  18. What type of system you thinking of running??...dwc,wick,ebb,straight pots??.....sorry if I overlooked it if you mentioned it

  19. Was going to build my own dwc setup with the 10gal tub but got lazy and just got a prebuilt setup off ebay..lol

    Hydroponic Grow System DWC Drip Combo Complete setup | eBay
  20. Why wouldn't the ona gel not get rid of the smell? For a small grow it works very well. And two plants is a small grow.

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