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Unusual Experience

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by gucciflipfl0ps420, Mar 21, 2016.

  1. just wanted to share this experience I had the other night. I'll start off by mentioning I've been smoking daily for the past 3 years, and recently anywhere from 2-4 times a day. I primarily smoke oil, and last night hit my rig with some new crumble I just got. The name of the strain, which is from a Colorado dispensary, is Stardawg X blue city D. I hit the rig then drove to the gas station to fill my tank. Right after taking the hit, my chest and throat got very tight and it was difficult to breathe. This has happened before in the past, so I just took deep breaths and tried to move on. Once at the station I started to have audible hallucinations, and my legs felt very light. When it came time to drive home my legs felt as if they had fallen asleep (tingly, stiff, very numb) and I did not feel comfortable driving home. However, my boyfriend convinced me it was just in my head and I agreed to drive home. I have noooo clue whatsoever on how it was possible that I drove. I basically felt as though my feet and legs were not attached to my body, and with some extremely deeply hidden adrenaline I managed to drive, my apartment was only a block away fortunately. Once parked in the lot of my building, I began to feel extreme pain in my limbs, like an aching, stuff, cramping feeling. I was in so much pain that I was breathing really shallow and kept trying to get comfortable. My boyfriend insisted we just go inside, and once I stood up all pain immediately left. It was crazy, as if nothing had happened. Relived, I went inside and laid down on my bed. After about 30 min I started feeling really achy and just generally not alright, so I stood up thinking that like last time the pain would lessen. But this time it just got worse.. The muscles behind my left knee started spasming and was hard to stand. I sat down on the bed and started to lose control of my leg. It started twitching and shaking, with a horrible cramping and aching feel, and then my right leg started this as well. My boyfriend became very worried at this point and attempted to remove my shirt and other tight clothes to help me breathe, as I started taking short frequent breathes from the pain. I sat with my arms over my head to attempt to slow my breathing and relax, and after about 10 min the pain started fading away. I then just decided to fall asleep to avoid anything else happening, but every time I would shut my eyes, about 5 min later my body would jolt awake. This happened about 4 times consecutively before I gave up and just stayed awake for another 20 mins to eat something, then eventually fell asleep. Now I was just wondering if anyone had a similar experience to this, because I've never been in so much pain or scared for my health when high from oil. I don't have any medical conditions that I'm aware of and I just want to be sure that I'm not possibly suffering from anything underlying. Thanks and happy smoking
  2. Wow , Hope you are OK
    I would stay away from that Oil
    Stick to Joints like me
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  3. I have never experienced anything like that. I have had trouble taking in air after taking a big hit but that is about it. Did your bf smoke the same oil and the same amount?
  4. Definitely schedule a visit to get a check up.

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  5. I could be wrong, but it kinda sounds to me like a wicked bunk mix of entirely too strong a caliber of dabs, mixed with a mild panic attack. I've had instances similar to this happen before, and they did pass. I would just be careful in the future how much you consume and how quickly. Especially when you're talkin' dabs.

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  6. Yeah he did smoke the same, no issues for him

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  7. Also weed can bring anxiety. I use to never have it and now I do. It really fucking sucks and feels like your chest is caving in at times and hard to breath. Wouldn't explain the pain though.

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  8. Lucky for you, you are in a legal state and can tell your doctor what happened and get proper help. Lots of people in illegal states fear telling their doctor about their cannabis use.
  9. Honestly doctors in even illegal states need to know any drug you are on. They will not call the police.

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  10. You are correct. Alot of people dont trust the docs though.

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