Untruthful manufacturer misled growers with advertising higher watt output.

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  1. Some untruthful manufacturers did advertising too much higher wattage output than actual to mislead individual indoor growers, you get what you pay is always truth.
    So to judge the high quality led grow lights firstly by its prices.
    Below USD300 for 1200W is impossible to get a high quality LED grow lights.

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  2. So what else is new?
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  3. Every one of those Amazon sellers does this. They also put the description and specs on the page. If you take the time to read those sections (like smart people do), you will see the wattage the lights actually use.
  4. This is not a new discovery my friend. All the blurple LEDs tend to pull 40% of what they aradvertised too pull
  5. I have 6 LEDs that pull less than half of what they say. If you want some bang for your buck get quantum boards because it’s been 24 hours with mine and my plants look happier
  6. I think he’s just calling attention to this issue. I still talk 3-4 people a day out of buying blurples from amazon. They really think it’s a deal.
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  7. Amateurs should not attempt to do business with China. Leave that to the pros.
  8. Like it's been said, read the product description and you won't be misled.

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  9. A Chinese watt is not always the same as an American watt. Something to do with thinner walls to draw from.
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  10. Reported as Spam: '

    ...is this content what GC management expects from its 'partners'

    Hold this as an example of free enterprise, fair play = Spam'
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