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  1. So I just recently moved in with my buddy, his girlfriend and his parents. We're only living with them for a short while until our house is ready to be lived in again. a month or two. i am twenty three by the way. But anyways, I have never had to stealth smoke and I find it extremely strange and funny. I also find its parents reactions to shit very strange...like my buddy barely even hides the fact that he smokes. He openly makes stoner jokes right outside their window. He leaves his weed in the open in his room and mine. The only thing he doesn't do is let them see him smoke or shit like that. I just do NOT understand how they can not tell. He comes home after doing major kick ass honey oil dabs, edibles and hashish then he kills the fridge. He smokes in the house and I find it hilarious that they do not notice the coughing fits and giggles along with the smell when we are in the room right next to them. I just don't get it!!! It blows my mind...and it's not like we're smoking mids, it's damn honey oil and hasish, man. Like wow!!! Lmao.
  2. Maybe they do notice and just dont acknowledge it:confused:
  3. Yeah maybe they just dont give a shit.

    Sounds like your having fun though lol
  4. I'd rather have my kids smoking weed at home then smoking somewhere else and trying out other shit or getting arrested, thats just my opinion tho

  5. that used to be how my friends mom felt
    so she always harbored us at her house and let us smoke in the basement :)
  6. Well it's not like that for them. They just don't seem to know or maybe they do but try to pretend they don't because they are both against pot...

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