Untitled (rhyme,poem, watever u wanna call it)

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by ineedit, May 8, 2006.

  1. Jus got pissed off and just started writin everything in me down real quick. U aint gotta read it or comment. Just had to put this sumwhere.

    I cant be explain it
    My life keeps fadin wit it
    Every fuckin day for the last 9 years
    bullshit thru the window n I cant see clear
    I tried it all. Tried to calm down
    Wit every step I take its another year Lock Down
    First you lose support from yur family
    N then ur friends
    cuzz If u aint got money then they aint friendly
    I always think back 2 the fucked up childhood past
    Almost 20 years gone, 70 knives in my back
    N all I'm tryin to do is kick back n watch my money stack
    But na
    All I wanna do now is see my life go black
    Cuzz I cant go back, I cant rewind time
    All my decisions were for me its the end of the line
    Never a smile on my face but I'll tell u I'm fine
    Push my last button n u'll watch this grown man die

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