Unsure whether Ive been stiffed?

Discussion in 'General' started by Pastor666, Jan 28, 2014.

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    The reason I ask is because I recently brought some weed from someone Ive been picking up from regularly for over 6 months. According to him it was the same stuff as the week before which was great as it was a nice smoke. It looked slightly older and did not have a sweet smell although it often doesnt. Once I started smoking I immediately noticed the taste which was very different. It felt harsher on the throat and lungs more so than usual. Also the high seemed to give me a tight head in the temple and sought of around the eyes after awhile, it also seemed to make me more tired. I know this certainly doesn't sound the best but I cant help but feel its got me high, just not to the normal quality. 
    Anyone got any ideas what could have happened in the process of storing it etc as honestly this guy has been pretty darn good thus far, or has he decided to screw me? I texted him and he sounded surprised, I asked to swap an eighth but he said he didn't have anything new until later in the week. He asked what was wrong and I said about the taste and he hasn't texted back since. Be a shame if this was my bad as hes sorted me out many times.

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    You got high, so you didn't get screwed. It could very well be the same stuff just harvested a bit early and not properly cured.

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