Unsure where to post this, Hiatus time

Discussion in 'General' started by GuessItsTime, Jan 16, 2020.

  1. Hey, How are you all going?

    First time posting on this forum but i feel a post with updates may help somebody.
    21 year old male, Have been smoking daily since around 15.
    Just finally feeling like i could do more with my time/money.
    Really want to make some goals for 2020 and stick with them and believe giving this a break-
    for awhile should definitely do some good, Will post back in a few days/a week or so.

    Hope everyone has a smashing 2020! Lets get it
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  2. Good luck, I feel yah. I couldn't be doing it without growing. My habbit is bad LOL

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  3. Good luck. Keep us posted on what/how you do, mate.
    My 2020 is already smashing!
  4. What are your goals?

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