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unsure where I stand with dealer.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by RossG, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. Right well basically here's the lowdown.

    I moved to a new place a while back and struggled finding a dealer, in the end i got hooked up with a guy my friend bought from, they were best friends.

    The guy that introduced me to him stopped smoking and that a while back, and basically broke all ties with his stoner friends, including the dealer.

    I had the guys number and bought from him a few times, but its patchy. Sometimes he'll text back within 20mins, other times I get nothing.

    I'm not sure if he see's me as a guy to hook up or just a nuisance left behind from this former mate, and if I should just text for a hookup an hope he responds or what
  2. just text to something along the lines of 'are you still open for business' or something to that effect (I don't know if he'd be cool with that, 'codewords' if any vary drastically from dealer to dealer)

    if he says yes, go pick up from him and ask him what you just asked us. It shows maturity and respect for his time.

    if he says no, ask him if it'd be cool to hit him up for herb in the future or if he doesn't wanna deal with that.

    the key to any relationship (whether it be romantic, father/son, dealer/customer, etc) is some degree of communication.
  3. ^ This

    It also wouldn't hurt to chill with him and smoke him up. Get to know him a little better. It always schitzes dealers out when a buddy of theirs just brings some new guy in and all he does is show up, buys some, and leaves. Show him you appreciate what he's doing for you, and I'm sure he'll tear the Earth apart to find you bud when you need it.
  4. ya man its totally okay to text him. if he still is in business, of course he wants new customers and because your his best friends mate he will no you aint a snitch or anything. so text away after all what could it hurt
  5. Start buying solid weights. The guy is there for money. So when you hit him up, he will know he is going to walk away with alot of money.
  6. Text him and ask him if he's straight, if he says yea, ask wat it looks like and wat he wants for it. Who cares wat he thinks about u if he sells weed then he wants that money.
  7. I feel like, if OP asks that question,it will seem a little gay.
  8. Ask him if he's straight not if he's gay.
  9. Just ask him if hes good at the moment, and if he does say yes, i agree with the previous poster and say you should smoke him up, it helps him get to know you and doesnt sketch him out.

    If hes not, then just ask if hes still in the game.
  10. Dude he's selling to make money, you're making him money. Why would it be a nuisance? :logic:
  11. so did you text or what? lol
  12. #12 mr lahey, Dec 22, 2012
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    Call him someday and ask if he wants to come over and chill/smoke. Carry on the conversation from there. I've found its much easier in general if you are friends with your connection.

    Me and my guy chill all the time . . . even when not smoking (golfing, waterpark, etc) I'm one of the first to know of any new shit he has and I get really good deals. That is, if the guy is cool and not sketchy.

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