Unsure of what issue afflicting girl

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  1. Hey y’all!

    First time grower here. I recently bought Royal Queen Seed’s Stress Killer Auto seeds for my first grow and here’s a little background on my grow setup.

    Artificial LED lights

    Fabric pot

    Gardening soil mix (no added nutrients)

    Mixed with:

    30% perlite

    10% vermicompost

    Some mycorrhizae culture

    Fully organic fertilizers (sesame meal, feather meal, fish bone meal, palm bunch ash, fully fermented compost, humid and fulvic acids)

    I started off the vegetation cycle with the above mentioned organic fertiliser with a 532 ratio.

    16/8 light cycle

    This is the 5th week since germination and my plant has entered flowering I think.

    Ever since I noticed the flowering, I fertilised it once with a mix of the 523 ratio nute and 258 nute (both organic), with some blood and bone meal.

    However I found that some lower leaves are starting yellow and develop brown spots. I’ve trimmed off the yellowed and wilted single true leaves, but they’re starting to spread to the other lower leaves. (Attached photos)
    C02B17E4-2D6D-479C-B932-F9E8CAB2BB8D.jpeg 22E2C53B-AA7F-4B8A-8184-854285004595.jpeg 6AF08C09-1DFE-45E9-BBFE-5EFDD1289F85.jpeg C5A7347C-1A80-4264-BCB8-17E9B34EBE1A.jpeg ABF31F7C-BBDE-4C75-A00B-C8F5EDEBD96A.jpeg 3A69EABC-1F87-458B-B349-20996557F788.jpeg 3BF79BC2-F38F-43CF-8894-9836276162B3.jpeg 08EDE4D0-4035-45CA-8E99-33671378A0C2.jpeg D979A2C2-0D30-4303-901D-880E607CF733.jpeg FF3D2EA0-96C3-459A-B23C-30D55597BC7C.jpeg

    In addition, several leaves throughout the plant are developing brown tips.

    Any ideas as to what’s causing this? I’ve attached pictures to help
  2. I see first stages of Powdery Mildew in one pic.
    Would like to see a closer up phot both sides of the leafs.
    Powdery mildew
    The most common and prolific mold for cannabis is powdery mildew.

    Powdery mildew
    It appears on the leaves as a fine white powder that can spread to the rest of your plant, interrupting photosynthesis and causing the leaves of your cannabis plants to turn yellow before eventually falling off.

    Learn how to get rid of powdery mildew.
  3. If you’re referring to these patches circled here:

    they’re the residue left behind from me spraying neem oil on the leaves.

    here are some photos from the bottom of the leaves :)

    4674E681-7A26-4002-ABAA-500B45DCA50A.jpeg 3037F6B4-034F-4083-87A1-493FC1D6C24E.jpeg 3D772CB5-B5D2-44F8-A9D7-18F5B0DEF78E.jpeg

  4. I was afraid that I might get mildew or insects due to the wilting leaves so I sprayed her all over as a prophylaxis.
  5. If you don't have insects or PM don't spray the plant when the plant already has issues.
    All sprays for fighting PM is done by what ever that is being sprayed on it is WET.
    The white residue on the leaf's is killing them .
    If you have to spray for insects, and you dont have insects yet spray every where except on the plants .
    Use sticky traps at the base of the plant , Sticky traps work good for informing you your starting to get certain kind of insects .

    PM if I dont have PM problem I spray the inside of the grow room/tent walls and floor with a mist of denatured alcohol/water mixed 80/20 .
    I also a couple pumps of spray in the air but not on the plant or lighting or on electrical anything in the tent/grow room

  6. I see, then I’ll spray some water to remove the residue from the leaves?
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  7. Whats causing this is the blood and bone meal ...all gardeners young and old always burn their plants with the blood and bone more the blood ...its really really high in (N)
    The large white pistols tell us its in flower and doing well,
    Id flush with 3 times the pot volume with air temp ph'ed water
    do it days end so it drips out over night, no nutes for 2-3 weeks,
    consider getting a tds tool or ec meter and keep track of the water that drips out after watering

    good luck
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  8. Th
    Thanks Vee!

    Got it. Flush it at days end with three times the pot volume.
    No nutes for three weeks.
    Test runoff with EC meter.
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