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  1. I think I have a "confused" plant.. can someone have a look at my pics and let me know if those are indeed 'boy bits' growing on my plant? I've got definite 'girl bits' growing on the same plant (which I've tried to include in the pic but I'm having issues with the camera and they're a bit blurry), but I have two weird-ass looking branches growing on the plant as well.


  2. you got yourself a hermie
  3. I do..??? Um, yay! (I think) OK, so now what? Do I snip its boy bits off and let the girly ones keep doing what they're supposed to? Someone posted a reply in another thread about how they pollinated one or two branches (Spanishfly I think). I assume this is to get next generation seeds, do I just brush the boy bits against the female cola on the branch I want to produce seeds? Or would that cause the whole plant to seed?

    Yeah yeah, I know there's a search button but I'm so excited about growing a freak I can't contain myself.

  4. throw it away..
  5. Not necessarily.

    If it was a female that is now producing pollen, it is still genetically female. Any seeds produced from that pollen will be largely female. FEMINISED seeds command a premium price.

    Shake pollen into a plastic bag then shake the bag over a branch. Keep it there for a couple of days.
  6. as with above ^ the plants genetics are female there is no male genes in it therefore the seeds will be feminized. personally i would move that plant to a different location, away from any others and let it continue growing normally. result.... a shit load of female seeds
  7. Yes, absolutely right. Also any female plant pollinated by such a hermie will produce feminised seeds.
  8. ok disgaurd my throw it away..
  9. ¿Qué?
  10. so if a plant is fermie, move it far away so it wont dustrub the females. and make it so u get alot of seeds? corect?
  11. One good way of dealing with it.
  12. Seriously move that plant, keep it growing, do what spanishfly explained to you and just wait and let it grow :)
  13. Cheers, thanks for that guys.. happy smokin' :yay:

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