Unsure of the gender on my plant

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  1. Hi I have a plant, about 60 days old and nearly a foot tall, I don't want her to grow much taller so I changed the timing to 12:12 about 8 days ago, I'm just wondering if I might have had male because the leaf nodes right now just look swollen, like little blisters at the start of the leaf stems, how long after changing the timer do they start to show signs of flowering?
  2. Post a pic buddy.
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  3. can you post a couple of close up pictures of you plant at leaves nodes etc ,,it would be a great help ,,,thank you ,,mac,
  4. Hello yes sorry I meant too but i must have forgotten,

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  5. Still to early to tell, what strain is it? looks like insufficient lighting caused stretch and small size, the bulbous growths look like the plant is healing after some mechanical damage and are no indicator of sex my friend, give her a little more time, many plants that have been vegged longer will show sex even before the switch, but young especially sativa strains can take a couple weeks, indica dominant typically show earlier..
  6. I'm unsure of the strain, I believe she isia haze of some sort but i got her from a seedling as a friend of mine grew one too many and didn't have room, I'm not sure what could have caused damage as iveI always been incredibly careful, the lighting isn't great right now, the bulb is only 100w and I don't have a reflector dish but I'm waiting on one being delivered along with a better bulb, but thank you, it sounds silly but if you could give me some indicators to look for when the sex becomes apparent that would be a great help, I'm still relatively new to this level of botany
  7. Typically around the 4-5th node (next to stem) you will see either small white hair poking out of a small pointed sack if female or round sack if male, with less than ideal lights it will take longer to show, might consider a few CFL bulbs set close to the plant until you can acquire a good light, consider 120 quantum boards to start.. good luck
  8. Thank you that's a great help
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