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Unsure if you're tripping

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by ills, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. Has this happened to anyone else?

    The first time i tripped face i remember during the peak wondering if i was actually tripping and i had to remind myself that "this" (what i was experiencing) was the trip and that i had taken acid.

    Then about 3 nights ago i took a tab and although i cannot remember too much, the main thought of the night was wondering whether or not i was actually tripping (althought in my subconcious i was certain that i was, for obvious reasons)

  2. when im starting to come up, i usually think its placebo and that im not gunna trip. once im trippin hard i dont think about that.

  3. yeah i get the same feelings, maybe the reason i couldn't tell if i was really tripping was cuz i only took one and it wasn't too potent
  4. Same with me. I usually smoke as I'm coming up, so I cant usually tell if its weed, placebo effect, or both for a little while.

    I've taken acid 5 times now, 4 of them were good trips, one was weak. and its always the same. My first real indication is an overall great mood, and giggling a little more than with just weed. After that its only a matter of time till Im really tripping.
  5. yeah I remember when I was tripping on shrooms I called it the "Jeckel and Hyde effect"

    cuz at one moment your trippin nuts and then the other your trying to figure out if your really tripping nuts or if youre sober.

    I remember I couldnt tell if I was sober or high as fuck when I was shrooming.
  6. Yeah shrooms come in waves for me. Ill be sitting there tripping sac and laughing at nothing for an hour, the Ill just feel like Im high for a bit. A short while later: BOOM trippin sac again.

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