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  1. Hello, I am currently growing 4 cinnamon plants from femaleseeds.nl and 1 super silver haze plant from greenhouse seed company. All of the plants came from fem seeds. The plants are in their 6th week of flowering and i have some minor problems. They are in 3 gallon buckets with regular soil.I am using advanced nutrients for the fertalizer and i am running one 1000 watt air cooled MH/HPS light. I also have some 400 watts in floros for the sides of the plants. The temp is usually in the upper 70's to low 80's with the humidity around 50%. I am giving them PH balanced water and nutrients at around 6 PH.

    My problem is that some of the leaves are turning yellow and are falling off around the bottom of the plant. I usually pull around 3-5 leaves per plant every two day watering cycle. I know what can cause it but am having trouble narrowing it down.

    1. I figure it could be because they are rootbound as the super silver haze is huge and trippled in size when i put it into flowering. The 4 cinnamon are around 4 feet as well with one around 2 1/2 feet because i experimented with topping it.

    2. I also think my Ph could be off which is around 6. If this is wrong please correct me.

    3. I also dont know if they are over or under fertilized. I thought if the tips were curling down it was a sign of over fert so i reduced what i was giving them down to about half the strength.

    This is my second grow and things are not that bad but i would like to be as close to perfect as possible. Thank You.

    The 3rd and 4th ones down are of the SSH. The rest is of the cinnamon.
    The last pic os the cinnamon i topped. I ended up getting 3 huge stalks that i had to tie up.

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  2. Relax.
    It's not a problem.
    It's quite normal for the plants to drain some older leaves of nutes for bud formation and making them drop.
    Just be sure you clean them up to prevent mold/rot!:wave:

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