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    Hey blades, recently I've been off weed for about a week for the first time after 3 years of heavy usage. I will admit that I have become more irritable in a way, and little things tend to get on my nerve more than before. Essentially, I have noticed that a lot of my old-time buddies are assholes. They always comment about how I smoke weed everyday and really believe that I am ruining my life, and say I should only smoke with them every now and then. They really do view me as a burn out and it seems they always have to make the point that I am inferior to them or just dumbed down by the substance. I believe they think this because I'm still unsure about my future and am not the loudest person, but still I really don't need their criticism. I'm starting to see how I'm just letting them walk all over me, while always being the nice, passive guy who keeps to himself and doesn't carry a condescending attitude. One guy in the group is very condescending, but smart, and I enjoy chilling with him alone and all. But now I've had enough of being called stupid and being the target of jokes when in a group, and having them point out that I'm such a pothead and that I need to change. Like literally every time we would chill there I would just get negative vibes after being insulted, even by my best friend, who said I was the stupidest out of all of them. While my other friends usually feed off this energy and continue to put me down. Personally i think they all reek of insecurity, or are not intelligent enough to have real conversations. (not just constant chirping and talk about sports and other meaningless shit) What do you guys think? I'm sorry if I come off as a complainer but damn I think I've had enough of this, and I really do believe that there is a fine line between just messing around and insulting somebody constantly.

  2. Sorry about your "friends". Honestly, if their treating you that way, fuck them! I actually don't even have friends because of people like that. I think it's time you tell those fools to kick rocks & get yourself some new friends. I mean, they could care about you, but from the way you put it they should all be booted off your list of friends.
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    Thanks for your input.. I'm lucky enough to have at least 1 or 2 other great friends in my life at the moment. I think all you really need is family and 1 or 2 friends that you can talk to whatever about and trust, without feeling the need to be fake you know what I mean?
  4. Should never have to be fake to your true friends, they will accept you for who you are. I mean, unless your on some major path to destruction, they shouldn't try to get in your way or tell you how to live your life. You be you and nothing less [: whoever can't accept that isn't worth a moment of your time. I'm sure you can find better friends.
  5. as stated by Bri, ditch those losers; they will only bring you down. oh and yes, after smoking heavy for a long time and then not having it sucks and you will get irritated more easily and things that you generally would let slide seem to really push ur buttons. been there. just take it easy and smoke a bowl, but by yourself. then come on here and join in interesting conversation (most of the time lol) with people who don't have their own agenda. :gc_rocks:
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    Man I need more people like you guys in my life lol =) Funny thing my best friend who looks down on my lifestyle is a heavy drinker and needs a 12-pack to get drunk, yet i've never ridiculed him in anyway.
  7. Yes, you need some real life versions of us around, but until then we're here :D. Ah, well drunks are usually 1. Ashamed of their drinking or 2. Think drinking is ok because it's legal, or 3. Just stupid assholes :) seriously man, forget them.
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    I guess now the question is, should I confront them about this or just ignore them from now on?
  9. just playing devil's advocate here, but maybe your friends really do think you have a problem.
    although it won't kill you, it still does no good to abuse cannabis.
  10. Up to you. I like to confront people and let them know how I feel, especially if I was in a situation like yours. I'd likely point out all their flaws just so they can feel how they made me feel.
  11. thaa fuq they frontin on, do youu
  12. I'm the non-confrontational type, so i'd just leave them alone. if they call, ur busy doing something or not feeling up to it for whatever reason. it may take a while (or not long at all) but they will get the idea.
  13. You don't need a bunch of fake "friends" I see it like this: I'd rather have 4 Quarters than 100 Pennies right? ;)
    Seems like alcoholics always hate on weed in my experience. I think its because if you smoke and drink at the same time you get dizzy and end up feeling sicker than usual. It does sound like you need to make new friends, but choose wisely. Drunks are a lot less friendly than potheads. People who are hooked on hard drugs are the worst, they'll steal all your shit as soon as they get the chance to support their addiction. :wave:
    I also agree with this as well, just slow it down. Every day, all day, been there before, sure does numb the pain, but damn does it let your problems pile up to the point where it becomes an overwhelming burden when its time to face the music.
    All play, no work, makes you a grumpy, anti-social person. Speaking from experience here, the best way to cut back on your cannabis consumption is to exercise more. When you want to get high, go for a walk instead.
  14. Ya I agree, I will admit I was stuck in a haze for a good while but does this justify their condescending behaviour and need to put me down.
  15. I'm not gonna be the guy who's like ' I wouldn't put up with that stupid shit' because I'm not in your situation. But I think if your on grasscity writing about how they make you feel shitty by walking all over you and putting you down, then they definetly are insecure, but they're also assholes. Maybe you should just chill and do you(that sounds dumb but idk how to phrase it right now, I'm pretty buzzed) until you make new friends.
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    Ya man like my best friend even said I was too nice once and that I needed to grow and pair and be more mean. I think he has the wrong idea of what a good person is, but hey I'm done I think, and I hope he realizes what he misses when I'm gone.
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    I'm lucky enough that my best friend is my twin brother, and I like to think we're both pretty good people, when people give us shit, we don't try to confront them or anything like that, but from what your saying, I don't think you need to 'grow a pair' you just seem like a laid back guy. None the less, good luck dude.
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    Thanks for the support dude, you are so lucky to have a brother like that man I have a pretty chill sis but she's across the globe lol. I think ill follow your act and not confront people because it's a waste of time and energy if they can't see why their really bothering me and don't want to change.
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    Haha, my bad dude, it's funny because I accidentally wrote the exact opposite of what I meant
    maybe. why don't you simply ask them why they're assholes to you?

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