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Unsupervised probation

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Theassman, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. I've been placed on unsupervised probation just recently after being supervised for about 6-8 months not sure exactly how long but my probation officer and I just had our last meeting through via phone call and he said he closed my case out and now I'm on unsupervised. I didn't have to sign anything and did not get any paperwork so I really don't know the rules for unsupervised I'm almost positive it's basically the same as regular supervised probation. My question is, without any negative comments about smoking please can anyone tell me if it's common to get randomly tested while on UNsupervised probation? Also my charges were not drug related and I've passed all my random screenings when I was on supervised. Thank you !
  2. Unsupervised for me meant just don't catch another charge. There isn't any probation officer or tests or days to report. Or calls or anything. Literally unsupervised.

    But if i wouldve caught another charge i would be stuck serving the rest of my unsupervised time back on supervised.
    DON'T do it OP. You have no security.  Where I live Probation and Parole can and do make spot checks. Meaning they will come knock on your door and make you pee in a cup whenever they feel like it.
  4. it means no tests. no monthly meetings with your PO.  if you're not there on some crazy charge(s) then you'll probably be ok. I smoked thru 8 months of supervised probation and slid by with a detox each month. but they still can legally drug test you so it's really up to you.
  5. I was unsupervised for 2 years bro and never heard a peep from anyone...

    And my charges were violent charges in public.

    But its up to you, as always.
  6. My charges were petty theft and trespassing I was only tested twice through the whole 6 or eight months I was supervised. It's just a weird feeling now I don't gotta talk to anyone in the courts now haha
  7. I know it's ultimately my decision but in your opinion you think illness str8?
  8. i think you'll be straight if youre for sure they have switched you to unsupervised.
  9. Yeah my PO was like I wish you the best of luck and said that he closed out my case
  10. Yea friend id say you're gucci now
  11. Fearjar is talkin out of his ass haha. Unsupervised probation means your basically free, but if they catch you fucking up again,the consequence is more severe
    Then how is that free? You don't know what you are talking about. But I guess that is because the only experience you have with Law Enforcement is from THAT side of the fence huh? You are still on probation. And that means they can knock on your door at random. Will they? Who knows. But if you end up having contact with the police for ANYTHING, you can bet you will be talking to your PO again.
     At minimum, you need to wait for your mailed confirmation that your file is closed. And that could be 6 weeks out.
     You probably shouldn't give legal advice dude. You obviously learned nothing from your trips through the system!
  13. lol I'm actually a major in criminal justic (ironic) and that's free. Because it's kind of hard to get the attention of law enforcement unless you do something really stupid. So suck on my sack bruh
  14. Pay your fines and dont get hauled in for anything and you are good to go.
    Iv been on probation almost 2 years and get done in November but all I have to do is not get nailed by cops again. I can go on with life now.
  16. lol think what you want man, you're not really worth my time so yea. Baiii😘
  17. Whatever dude. I scored a 93 on the FLEO. Busted knee kept me from doing a 1.5 mile in 12 yeah! But I got twenty years on you. Better stick to local LE, if you try go higher than that,  they'll find this post during your BI...and then they'll laugh you right out of the building.
  18. lol you're arguing with someone 20 years younger than you? Haha you got balls bro lol
  19. Twenty years less experienced too. And just getting through criminal justice...and giving legal advice. That takes balls buddy. And if I was still interested in LE...I definitely wouldn't be posting here, under that name. They find everything during your BI. Hallucinogens preclude you from the hiring process. I'm damn near retired. They can KMA now.

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