Unsupervised Probation

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  1. Hey guys, this is my first thread on here, so if I did something wrong in setting it up, or it belongs somewhere else, just let me know and help me fix it! Anyways...
    A little over a month ago, I had a court case for some drug charges and such. My lawyer managed to get them to drop all the charges except for a fourth degree misdemeanor for Disorderly Conduct. The judge gave me one year, unsupervised probation (which seemed a tad harsh in my opinion). I paid all my fines upfront and met with my probation officer. He loosely explained to us what unsupervised probation was (how we don't have to report to him or getting random visits from him) but he did talk about random drug testing with us. The system they have is that once a week, we have to call a phone number and see if our color is called. If it is, we have to report to the court two days later for a drug test. Its been a month and a week (I've made 5 calls so far) and none of them have been my color. My color is yellow, and the colors that have been called are; tan, fuchsia, no call, peach, peach. I've done a lot of sifting through forms on unsupervised probation and most people say they never once had to take a piss test while on it. Could it be possible that my probation officer gave us (a friend was with me at the time of getting caught and was given the same color) a color that actually doesn't get called and is just used to scare and prevent us from smoking? Kind of like Foucault's panopticon theory? Or is it just because my crime wasn't serious that my color is for low-risk people and will only get called once every two or three months? I'm in Ohio, if that helps. Looking for advice from others who may have gone through the same process as me.


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