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Unsupervised Probation

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by waterboy08, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. I might not be in the right section but i really need help. Will i be drug tested on unsupervised (non-reporting probation?) I am on good grounds with my officer and she really likes me and she is really cool if that matters. I wrote a amazing essay for her on why not to do drugs and passed all my random drug test and i get good grades..all i did was get caught with weed for my first time. Do you guys think they will randomly test me? And if they do, will they like send me a letter telling me i need to report to them or will they come to my house, they always just meet up with me at my high school and now school is over and im about to go to college. Please help!! People who had been in this situation please message me.
  2. I haven't heard of unsupervised probation but if its anything like real probation after you get out of jail(doesn't sound like it was that serious, in your case.) then you are subjected to random drug tests and house searches (if your officer deams the property suspicious; doesn't sound like you have to worry about it). If they do drug test you they will give you a call the day before the test that you will need to come in. Old roommates probation officer would show up randomly twice every month (thank the fucking lord they never searched the house). Might wanna just take a t-break till probation is over just to be safe.   Hope I helped. 
  3. Are you over 18? If you are, why should you care?
  4. Just google the Unsupervised Probation laws and I'm sure you'll find out if you dig deep enough!
  5. I had the same thing before I turned 18.. You have to go meet up with you P.O. every month or so (thats what I did) and it's up to him/her if they want to give a test... If you stay on their good side and stuff then I'm sure they wouldn't throw you under the bus like that. Although, mine wasn't for getting caught with weed, so they might HAVE too text you monthly, due to the courts..... I just was very nice and cooperative and was only tested once in a 2 year probation sentence. I would bring it up next time you meet with your P.O. and just ask what the deal is? what will I have to do/no have to do? I'm sure they will tell you. 
  6. Dude thats weird cuz for me i havent seen my officer in 3 months, and she said i will never see her again, but idk if she is trying to trick me
  7. hmmm... maybe mine was supervised then.... I don't even remember honestly I got off a year early for good behavior.. either way I think you're good man. I think under law anyways they have to tell you in advance that they are gonna drug test you. 
  8. Lol what?
  9. My older brother was on it and never got tested and smoked every single day of it!

    So with that being said don't be a dumbass and get into more trouble (not saying you will, but... some people just can't stay out of trouble I.E.: my older and younger brother)
  10. Even on the last day of it they werent tested?
  11. If you have a drug related charge you better bet on being drug tested. I was never drug tested during my year of probation and I had to come in once a month to sit the my probation officer. Then again I wasnt being charged with any drug or alcohol related crime.

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