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  1. Valente Pegross stage name “Valley Val” was born in Detroit Michigan where he was raised until the age of 13. Detroit is where Valley picked up the hobby of rapping on the school bus before school and on the way home with friends and classmates. He became passionate about music after feeling the thrill and excitement the music gave him during these rap sessions. . He is very creative when it comes to his craft and he is not afraid to step outside the box, which makes him so versatile. Valley took his passion to the next level after moving to Dallas, Texas and meeting Miguel Velasquez and Gerardo Velasquez the CEO'S of FMB Productions. FMB took Valley under their wing and started full production on Valley's new Mix-tape “7” which will be released on January 1<sup>st</sup>, 2014 to bring in the new years with a bang.
    1) 7_Figuers 0:00
    2) ANNOYING 4:28
    3) CANT NO MO 8:24
    4) CRACK 11:38
    5) GANZA 15:07
    6) GET THAT 17:40
    7) KICKS 21:32
    8) LAY LOW 25:21
    9) LOFT MUSIC 27:49
    10) TRIPPLE D 32:12
    11) TRUE STORY 35:25
    12) TWERK 38:07
    13) WEALTH 41:08
    Download on DropBox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/u7yc1ecj6mbtga6/7_MIXTAPE.zip
    Download on Datpiff: http://tinyurl.com/lob5wym

  2. Not really my style but I guess for where it's at in that type of rap, it's fairly ok.

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