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Unreal Blue Goo(Afgoo x Blue Dream)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Airmax, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. Just picked up some of this blue goo. And ive gotta say its the best looking buds ive ever seen. And the smell is so nice. Very earthy and stinky reeks up my room in seconds, taste so damn sweet to. I snapped a few shots of some nugs, then i broke open a nug so you can see the trichs. Let me know what you think:hello:

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  2. That sounds like one tasty strain. Hows it smoke

  3. Smokes wonderful so smooth. With a head high the first 30min then it relaxs you i love it
  4. 140 views and 1 comment thanks guys
  5. Nice lookin nugs bro. Ive had Afgoo & Blue Dreams but never the combined strains. Awesome.

  6. Don't take it to heart man.

    You got some dank bud, enjoy it. :bongin:

  7. haha im not i just dnt get why no one says anything
  8. Gooey nugs you got there man.

  9. Thanks brother:hello:
  10. Looks so fresh and delicious, I'm at the end of my pickup and it's drying out
  11. Those are some delicious looking nugs bro.
  12. looks dank dude
  13. Looks great! A strain I would love to try. To date, one batch of Afgoo was the strongest herb I've ever had.
  14. finally gettin some comments thanks guys :hello: heres some more pics

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  15. I'd like to see what theTHC yield would be after processing what you have in your hands.:wave:
  16. sounds like good genetics looks real good too.

  17. haha definitely, id love to know the thc %

  18. Yea very nice genetic
  19. Niiiice, all the goo strains I've touched have caved my chest in, very strong bud... Afgoo x BD seems like a great combo, enjoy bro.

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