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  1. Hey Grass_Fam,
    Its that time of year when I begin visiting the forums on a daily basis again. But how about this "corona virus" jazz? I always wondered why when something catastrophic or a global pandemic comes around, we tend to completely forget all about so many even more horrible things that humans have already had to deal with.
    For instance, September 11th saw most Americans cease to remember Pearl Harbor.
    Anyway, my point to all of this is just to remind people to give a moment to remember our history.
    In 1918 the Spanish Influenza epidemic killed more people worldwide than all the casualties from all sides in WW1, WW2, the Korean war, the Vietnam Conflict, and the entire Middle-East mess from the 80's up until today.
    This is a fact and as horrible as it is, I just don't understand why the media spins the story as "unprecedented". When clearly no humans would be alive today if we never had to overcome these struggles.
    Please stay safe and healthy out there. It is crucial that we make this pandemic just another black page of our history. Also, I'd like to thank all of the hard working scientists and doctors that are working tirelessly to drive this evil back, and leading the path to a healthier and stronger world for us to enjoy.
    -Be safe & happy
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  2. All the best mate.
  3. A virus can be more deadly than an atomic bomb. They are always mutating and evolving. I wasn't taking it too seriously until I heard Italy was 700 people a day.
  4. Just like weed is being made more potent, people with evil intentions can do the same with a virus. It's not to be taken lightly but fear serves no purpose.
  5. Fear absolutely serves a purpose. To think otherwise is ignorant. Ever heard of the "fight or flight response"? Fear is why we as a race still exist on this planet. If you strolled up to a bear and had no fear of the animal, you would be mauled or worse. Fear is what prevents "most" people from doing stupid things.

    However, extreme fear, to the point that it is debilitating, is purposeless.

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  6. I've never found fear to be helpful with things I have no control over, but if it works for you enjoy.

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