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  1. Hey guys and gals!
    Question for you. I've been working on a personal line for the past 2 months. I have two strains, 25 of each, so far. Planning to condense that down to 3 male and 3 female of each. My question is regarding male hunting. I cut and rooted clones of each, to flower and really see who has potential. My issue is some males from one particular strain, seem to be flowering early, still in veg (18/6). Should I cull?
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    this is photo periodic plants? ...do you want earlier flowering plants, as it will mean less veg time faster flowering smaller plant or perhaps the opposite
    its one question that should have been answered on your breeding plan along with 9 other traits
    quoting Robert Clarke's 'Marijuana Botany'

    a 'stable strain' male or female will flower about the same, within 2-3 days
    the males a little earlier, more so if all are clones

    good luck
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  3. when breeding autos I like to go the last flowering autos, my aim is to have an auto that veges almost as long as the photos(5-7 weeks overtime)
    above all my number one trait I seek is vitality over all other including thc%, taste, looks, size, etc
    with vitality like power plant (old school) it can be shuffled around from strain to strain but it does fade over generations too
  4. I would find the best female and clone her and then spray one with STS or CS to pollinate the others to feminize the strain and make me a lifetime supply of female seeds.
  5. My bad, that should have been amongst the first things I said smh lol. Photoperiod. I'm ultimately reaching for consistency in flowering AFTER the light cycle change has been established. I wasn't 100% sure if early showing males would indicate early flowering in general, or it would be specific to this particular cultivar
  6. And so if I'm following correctly, for my goal (stability), males "flowering" in veg should be culled?

    Thanks for the replies btw
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