Unpleasant flavor from vape cartridge

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    I originally posted this on Reddit @ r/trees, but for whatever reason, it got downvoted and nobody replied.

    I just purchased a cartridge of The Clear: Red Apple. Unfortunately, it tastes terrible.

    What I need to know is, is this the intended taste, or is it possibly because I'm not using the correct battery and this is causing the plastic to melt? I'm still getting high, but is this the concentrate or am I inhaling toxic fumes?

    The battery I'm using is the one that came with my YiLo starter kit. I haven't been able to find any The Clear batteries in my area, just the cartridges...

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I just want to enjoy my vaping experience.

    Edit: Rules. Sorry about that, I'm new here and didn't read them before posting.
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    Edit your post and remove unmentionables, not allowed to be talked about on this forum. Some cartridges taste weird, gotta find a brand you like
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  3. Shitty Carts produce that burnt plastic taste...I would find a different cartridge.

    Most of the disposables are terrible quality and are just going to taste like that.

    Also if you're battery has too high a wattage you are DEFINITELY going to have that taste.

    I've had some success with low wattage batteries like Esmart/Aspire K2. Cheers.

    Edit: didn't really see much for that starter kit, but carts usually fit universally. Go with a LOW voltage battery. Can pick them up for like $10 online.
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  4. yep, some carts produce shitty taste. really depends on the manufacturer. i had some amazing that taste like the real thing, some fruit flavored. and some as you say, with the taste of "burnt plastic"... guess need to go for another brand.
  5. Thanks for the feedback everyone.

    So what I gather is that it's just the cartridge. As long as I can put up with the taste, I should be safe. Is that correct? The plastic taste shouldn't be a cause for concern?
  6. If it's made from true Clear...AFAIK, that would mean any "flavor" or "strain" is coming from terpenes that have been reintroduced, and may not have been present in the original source material(reconstituted terps taste like perfumey shit.)

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  7. some taste strange, if its not wicking properly it can cause burning of the wick which will give you dry hits, that will taste horrible
  8. Some taste like burnt plastic. I've personally tried what u mentioned only a diff flav....very fruity tasting with a weirdnfakish taste at the end. And they were very overpriced. I've got 25$ carts better and it burnt up faster than uasal brands. I've found that besides the brand we tried if u invest 40-50$ on a 5.g cart generLly one that is glass tank with the post instead of wick system and normally a heavier metal tip in a nice box package instead of a small cardboard card with a cheAper plastic tank and plastic tip super lightweight even the full Gram carts. I've found the better looking/made carts thAt normally go for 40-50 half g and 60-80 full g I wish I could name brands that I've found to be quality. If it's allowed I'll repost with my favs also google best vape cartridges and it'll give u some good info to start looking for your premium brand. Also I've found that the extraction process can determine which brands are your tailored fav. I personally like the strain specific but with good flavor in terms of my fav strains like blue and black berrys grapes I like to taste the strain and know whAt thAt strain is that's used but with a nice clean berry flavor at the exhale. It's very hard finding out which oils or distillate is best for your specific tastes and needs. I've been researching my local brAnds extensively before purchasing. Ive found 1-2 25-35$ range that I like and a couple in the 40-50$ range. There aren't a lot of premium high quality cart brands in Washington state yet some have trickled in from cali and Oregon but a vast majority of the big names in good 40-50$ .5g carts are in cali. Some are making their way into the couve but it's slow going I've been tempted to journey deep into Portland just to get the certain brands I'm looking for. I've doing the carts for Amin now my tolerance is sky rocketed to the point I don't really feel high off vaping carts anymore. I'm switching to edibles,infused pre-rolls for awhile but last time I smoked 3 b-legits (2blunts rolled together) between me and one of the homieZ and I didn't feel it at all but it was just regular flower no hash,oils,wax,Kief,resin,rosin etc. so that could be why. I've only done the carts and infused prerolls so far first edibles today and I'm going to switch from cartridges altogether soon as I have the $ to invest in a quality dabber rig setup. There's multiple different vapes I can do i.e.: wax, shatter, concentrate, crumble....etc. and all of which are cheaper than cartridges. I can't wait!!!! Also can't wait to start my edible phase I've never done them b4....first timer! Lol.....I got some gummys today I've eaten 3 And it's been 2.5 hrs!!! I'm kinda worried I was so excited to get super stoned :( hopefully they kick in soon I've noticed only mild effects after 30mgs!?= 3 gummys, 10mg each. Hopefully my next post will have a better experience with the eddys. I'm kinda worrried about eating another one and then have it all kick in at once and trip da F out......nooooooo.........so I'm gonna wait until the 3hour mark to tAke A 4th. Wish me luck.....
  9. The burnt plastic taste often comes from industrial hemp oil added to jack up the CBD numbers(because people hear "CBD" and think "cool new thing I have to try," even after they've been told 10 times that it isn't psychoactive, and even then, when you tell them that it's straight up a THC agonist. CBD means less of a THC buzz. But the sheeple want what the sheeple want, and will keep spending money looking for that "special feeling" that they'd get if they just got some 70+% dabs with no CBD.) Some cartridges use silicone wicks, and those can dry out/burn, but most use cotton, and I'm seeing most of the more reputable companies switching to ceramic. Look for ceramic.

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