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Unplanned Tolerance Break?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by utbpaladin2013, Jan 31, 2014.

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    Ok so here goes, this could take a while, I'm new to this website so I'll do my best.
    I have been smoking almost every day (night) since December 2011, with the odd day-off here and there. Most of the time I only smoke at night after 11PM, after my family are asleep, just to be safe because I don't have a lock on my door, but occasionally I will smoke during the day if I'm bored and have nothing to do that day, especially if no one is home.
    I smoke out of a bong, every time, I never smoke joints, vape etc.. I live with my parents and my younger brother, I have my own bedroom, and 99% of the time I smoke in my bedroom with door closed, blanket under the door, and blow the smoke out the window on an angle. So the smell is never an issue unless someone opens my door (my mum absolutely hates weed, I've been caught a few times, but she eventually gets over it)... I add a little bit of tobacco to my bongs to help it burn, but I never smoke cigarettes.
    Now this is the weird part... On January 20th, 2014 (11 days ago), I was completely dry of weed, I smoked my last quart. So I ended up buying another quart, came home, chopped up a tenna at about 4pm to get ready for my usual nightly cone... So I wait until midnight to have my first bong, I smoked 2 cones, it was amazing, new strain of weed... Next thing my mum randomly opens my bedroom door asking me if I know where our cat is, and she could smell the weed and found the blanket under the door, she went absolutely furious at me, telling me to leave and never come back, telling me that she's never speaking to me again... This made me feel absolute crap.. 
    I was feeling depressed all week because I didn't speak to my mum for about 4 days... I felt so depressed about getting caught that I just didn't feel like smoking... So I just stopped smoking, here I am, Day 11, yes I miss weed, but the other half of me just doesn't have any interest any more. 
    I never even planned on having a break, let alone for such a long period of time, I have 7 grams sitting in my cupboard, and a gram chopped up in my bowl, just sitting there, since last Monday week!! No desire to smoke at all, it's weird. 
    I don't know what to do, I really want to keep going just to see how long I can go without it. The longest I have ever gone without weed since Dec 2011 is 7 days (in March 2013 when I was dry and couldn't get on)..
    So what should I do? Should I continue the tolerance break even though I never planned this in the first place? I have been dripping body odour 24/7 and it smells like weed. I'm still sleeping fine. I'm just confused because I have a quart just sitting there and have no temptation to smoke.
    What do you guys think? I'm convinced now that weed is definitely not addictive, like I said I have a quart just sitting there if I was addicted I would have smoked up by now, I'm so confused seeing that I am a daily toker for over 2 years this is only my longest break I've ever had. 

  2. bro im going through a similar thing, my mom recently kicked me out the house because she'd 'had enough' of me smoking herb. im now living with my dad, and haven't really been interested in smoking. so ive decided to go on a tolerance break, whether it be a week, 2 weeks or a month. i feel at this time in my life i'd get a good view of the situation and be clear headed. that's just my perspective man, hope it all works out for you
  3. Yeah I'm so shocked that I managed to go 11 days without it, considering that I bought a quart then nek minute here I am not smoking. I have no idea what I'm doing, I'm just taking everything as it comes. 
  4. Oh yea well I had a 15 minute tolerance break today. Lol
  5. Lol. Yes weed is not addictive. You seem surprised that you haven't smoked it? I have a half chilling right here next to me. I haven't smoked for a good week or so. Doesn't mean I'm stressing over it.
    You should abide by your moms rules though because you are living in her house. 
    Chill, take a t-break for a while. Hell you'll get high as hell next time you blaze up! 
  6. if you're feeling depressed prob best to get your mind sorted first anyways.  you have a job? maybe use the T-break as a time to find a job incase you get drug tested.
  7. Almost finished Day #12... sleeping perfectly, having vivid dreams which I've never had before. I feel like I'm getting my emotions back, appetite is still a bit hot and cold, some times I'm hungry some times I'm not, I just miss the munchies. 
    I'm glad I'm continuing this t-break because I think my tolerance was increasing anyway. 
    I miss the "video-game" highs I used to get when I first started.
    Now when I smoke it gives me a sedated buzz and the munchies, nothing psychedelic.
    Not sure if this is because of the quality of the bud I was smoking, or just the fact that it became just a habitual chore to smoke on a nightly basis.
    I'm not feeling depressed anymore because of my mum, we are talking again, we have been talking for almost a week now. Also I have this hot burning sensation up the back of my head, I'm assuming that's the THC pumping out of my fat cells. 
  8. Yep dreams are more vivid when you quit, and you sweat like a 5 year old china boy in a sweat shop.
    Anyways fuckin kids getting caught LOL
  9. #9 utbpaladin2013, Feb 4, 2014
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    Day #15 almost complete. I was having vivid dreams again last night, I dreamt that I couldn't breathe, and I could feel myself losing breath and I thought I was going to die, then I remember dreaming about smoked a bong and felt guilty for breaking the t-break, woke up in a sweat, body odor reeking out of me..
    I only got 6 hours sleep last night, woke up this morning, my mind was racing, I feel tired but my mind is racing and it's making me restless, has this got anything to do with the THC coming out of my system?
    I was semi-tempted to have a bong last night but it felt weird and uncomfortable holding the bong in my hand, something inside me just won't let me smoke. Weird, any ideas?
  10. For sure man, I'm only clean right now to look for a job, had plenty of drams that I toked and then had to get a drug test. Pretty fucking crazy. sometimes it was so real I was like was that a dream or did I actually smoke last night.
  11. ah man i know how depressing it can be when your own mum talks like shit to you, i got kicked out from smoking (well not smoking, just the smell of raw weed) and it sucked. Id say just keep living your life, if you don't particularly feel like smoking then just don't, its no big deal and your weed won't go off anytime soon (make sure its in an airtight container). sometimes i think unexpected t breaks are easier (I'm actually on day 3 now) its weird usually when i come home from work i feel like smoking but for the past few days I've just not really thought about it that much so I'm just chillin and taking the opportunity to save some money
  12. i stopped last wednesday, and have hardly even thought about smoking it. i had been on like a 3 week binge smoking it all day everyday, then just stopped, like that. atleast now i KNOW for sure its not addictive and i can have a great and relaxed time when i do get back to toking gods gift on the regular

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