unopened calyx or hermie?

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  1. so both of my plants each have two of these preflowers on them. everywhere else the pistils are out except for these "things". are they just straggler calyx that havent put out their pistils or are they hermies? what are the odds of getting two hermies at the same time. [​IMG]
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    definitely looks like pollen sacs... and if your growing 4 plants in one room and theres a light leak chances are they will all go hermie, or what ever else stressed them temps or whatever the cause maybe.... ive also heard that if you get seeds from a plant that was a herm all the seeds will grow herm plants as well... did you buy the seeds or get them out of a bag?

  3. its bag seed. i havent had any issues with temp or light leaks so it has to be the seed. im so disgusted right now, i want to just cry. literally cry.
  4. Balls

    kill that shit
  5. i killed them. i just wiped out a month and a half of growing in 5 seconds. but i dont want ANY pollen in my grow box. i feel like slitting my wrist.
  6. Frist plant that you had to kill.
  7. yeah. i killed three obvious males last week, but to have these tell me that they were female and then grow some "balls" really hurt. they had calyx and pistils EVERYWHERE(both plants) except for the node where the two sacs were. same thing with both "females" i thought i had. seeds must have come from a hermie "mom" because everything else(light cycle, temp, humidity) was good. fucking bag seed. i should have researched a little more before starting.
  8. You can seriously pick off all the pollen sacs if you catch it early enough. Early enough means when you grab the pollen sac the stuff inside is mostly green and doesn't turn into dust immediately. I've had select strains that throw a few hermied branches but doing this I get no seeds, bud still super dank.
  9. lol @ those dudes pushing you off a bridge you coulda had dank if those were your last results

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