Unoits Birthday

Discussion in 'General' started by firerush2001, Jan 31, 2002.

  1. high all, as you know today is unoits birthday..I'm putting this post up because I want you to say Happy birthday to him...He's an old man but with truly great knowledge..If you have a question, he's got an answer...You want to think, have a conversation with him...You need advice,he'll tell you BUT you may not like what you hear...Unoit will tell you straight up...... He's a goodfriend to have and as a family member too... Hey D HAPPY BIRTHDAY and have a puff because were having one for you....Have a pussy 2 you need one..... lol........

    I shall have a puff and drink for ya!! I'm sure your having plenty for yourself, well you better cause it's your day!! Have a good one mate!

  3. Happy birthday Unoit, I agree with critter. A well respected guy around here.

    Have many many more friend!
  4. (((((((((((UNOIT)))))))))))
    happy birthday bud!!
    erm, i mailed your kitty kat...thru your mail here. meow.
    an all i needed today was an excuse to burn one or two extra! guess i better start now eh.
    p.s i finally did geta camera its a kodak....and so far the most difficult thing was the wriststrap! hehe
    happy day....
  5. Have a great day, UNOIT!!! I especially enjoy your pictures. Is Rocdog gonna bake ya a scrumptious CAKE!?
  6. Happy Birthday Unoit!

    I appreciate all the info you have helped me out on this past year!
  7. Happy Belated Unoit!
    hope you had a great birthday~~ :D:D:D
  8. Sorry I'm late dude! Got the shit iced outta everything around here last week and I've been living on the end of a chainsaw ever since!

    Unoit is on the list of dude's I have to go see one of these days!

    Hope you, the dawgs, kids, wrecked trucks, and Rocdog are all well!

    Many happy returns to the day my friend!

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