Unoit et al for some bubble hash questions.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by froggy, Jul 13, 2003.

  1. hey Unoit and all...

    never done it before and starting to collect some trimmins.

    would males tips in veg state work? for that matter would any indoor grower in veg state work out. i guess im thinking any new growth like prunings in veg state.

    male flowers and the stems that i have already peeled off the juicy buds already are ideal for this system?

    thinking that a fine chop of the frozen material first then starting the water process is best?

    if u leave the 'water' in the fridge for longer...u think more settles?

    how much leave would have yielded that little ball u got there?

    what is the taste like?

    and last but not is it called bubble hash?
  2. HIGH All, aaahhhhh froggy you'll love it!!!! Yes I just throw the male shit in with leaves O.F.F.F. the female's leaf that I collect over the grow and the Bud leaves are All by themselves....stems??? depends if they came O.F.F.F. the female plants or the males..if the males throw the stock away (I use it for smoking), if from the females (some Crystals still on them) chop them up good. Don't want holes in the Nylons.

    Before freezing chop it up and them when taking it out of the freezer it goes straight into the coldest water you have.

    Yes the longer you leave it to settle more matter will be at the's why I leave it for an hour in the fridge and then siphon out the water into another Bucket that goes back into the fridge to settle more...the second Bucket will will some matter and won't be as good as the first.

    Bubble Hash....well the person that started it bubble man back in 01 I think...has a saying "If it don't Bubble, it ain't worth the trouble!!!! Herb is the messenger, but bubble is the message!!!!!" You get the Full Melt when using the Bubble Bags...not from the way I do it....but hey I'm cheap and it works for me.

    I'm in the process of doing a better tutorial that will hopefully be better understood. 
  3. how much leaf material?

    to get that little nugget that u have?
  4. HIGH All, hey froggy...I put in maybe an ounce and get a little over a gram...I don't weight just a guesstament.
  5. search for uniots bubblehash post.
  6. HIGH Unoit, will you elaborate on the "bubble bags" for me/us. You may be cheap but i am I want to follow your method, but i really want to get the most out of it. I will harvest at the end of this month(eight big NL's). I usally end up throwing that lower shit away. Bud too. but if i could get a solid hash method that produced some quality, then itd probably be worth the effort. Peace brother, TBug

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